May 22, 2020
Monica Piccininno

More features could be coming to Instagram

Instagram is testing out some new features that would give accounts more control over parts of their pages. 

This could be helpful for creators and business profiles to manage the tone and environment surrounding their brand.

Here is what's being tested.

1. Pinning comments

When you are scrolling Instagram have you noticed that a few comments show up under the photo even before you click into the comment section? 

Or that it can be overwhelming to try and scroll through the comments of a very popular instagram post? 

Giving creators the option to pin comments gives them a little more control to manage the narrative and hopefully promote positivity on the app. 

Search Engine Journal said, "With pinned comments you can let others do the marketing for you. Think of each positive comment as a testimonial and pin the best ones to the top."

2. Removing comments

Deleting comments on your Instagram posts is already an option, but soon you might be able to delete them in bulk. 

Sometimes the internet can suddenly become overwhelmingly negative, so this would be a great option to combat some of that negativity if it happens.

3. Tagging control

This feature would allow you to choose who can tag your account in photos. If these options do roll out you can adjust your tagging preferences to allow anyone to tag you, just those you follow, or even set it so nobody can tag you at all! 

While this is probably more focused on individual creators rather than companies and brands, it's still good to be aware that this might become an option. 

Hopefully these potential features do become available to all accounts and we can work together to make the internet a positive space!