Basic SEO Strategies & Tactics

Understand the most basic SEO strategies and tactics written by our team of SEO experts who also curate and share foundational content written by other industry leading SEO professionals.
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Do you have all these SEO basics covered? Always make sure you have these basic SEO techniques working properly. First, make sure your website is secure! You don't want site visitors getting an alert that they might be going to a website that is not secure because they might turn back and find a different website. It should also load quickly on both desktop and mobile. Check that every page has an H1 tag, then add H2-H4 tags. Ink and Quill said, "Each page has one H1 tag, but it can have multiple H2–H4 tags. As a reader, you’ll see these tags as bigger, bolder headers that separate blocks of text. So they work to help drive eyes through your content as well as to tell Google what your pages are about." Finally, update your website frequently with fresh content! 

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What is the difference between a head keyword and a long tail keyword? Yoast says, "The head keyword is a general term lots of people write about. A long tail keyword is a more specific topic or a subtopic of the head term." Long tail keywords are great when trying to reach a specific audience. Once you narrow down and find the perfect niche for your business long tail keywords can help you rank well within it. Conversions are often higher when you reach a niche audience as well! Using a healthy mix of head keywords and long tail keywords is a winning strategy!

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Search engine optimization can be a learning process, but you can learn from mistakes others have made! Keyword research is one place you can go wrong. Take your time to get it right! Best in AU said, "It shouldn't be rushed and needs to be flexible, meaning you can change your list at any time. You need to have a solid mix of competitive and non-competitive keywords, as well as hort and long-tail keywords." Once you have your keywords pay attention to the technical SEO. This tends to be something that gets overlooked or pushed off, but it's very important! Finally, don't get sucked into keyword stuffing, it doesn't work anymore!

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To outrank the competition, focus on producing unique, quality content. Search Engine People said, "Trying to force your way to the top of the search results is exhausting and expensive. It's easy to get hung up on strategies like link building, anchor text, and alt tags." Instead, stay current with Google's preferences and algorithms. Produce quality content so people will spend more time on your site, keep coming back, share your content, and recommend it to others. Those are great ways to get ahead without getting bogged down in the tiny details.

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Website navigation and SEO content creation can require a lot of collaboration and communication between many departments. Before you embark on this journey, create a plan for yourself to stay organize and communicate clearly. Practical Ecommerce recommends starting with the basics. They said, "Identify the SEO goals and objectives. Specify the high-level conditions that need to be met, such as ensuring that the header navigation is crawlable and indexable." Then, decide who needs to be included from each department and what role they will have. Make sure you don't stop once the plan is in place - continue to follow up on progress and accountability because consistency is key!

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Search Engine Optimization is valuable for businesses. Don't believe me? The Marketing Profs put together some statistics to prove it! They said, "SEO is 85% more likely to drive website traffic to your site than PPC (pay per click) advertising." Also, relevant content creation and keyword research have the biggest effect on SEO success. "76% of companies execute all or part of their SEO tactics using external resources, as creating relevant content and link building are difficult and time consuming." That's why we created our content platform, to help companies and brands create more quality content efficiently.

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If you see articles coming out about SEO being dead, don't fall for it! People have been publishing those articles for years, SEO is as important as ever. Neil Patel said, "The Internet has gone through several iterations over the past 30 years, and while SEO tactics have certainly changed, as long as search engines exist, ranking in them will be important." So, take it seriously! Ranking well in search engines can make a big difference for the visibility and success of your business. Check out the link for some great infographics depicting how important SEO truly is!

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