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Better blogging is the key to content marketing success and building out your brands voice in the search engines and on social media. Enjoy our blogging strategies and tips written by our team of SEO experts who also curate and share the most relevant insights from other blogging and writing professionals.
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What to all the best blogs have in common? The Content Marketing Institute went to find out.

They said, "Despite the challenges, brands and individuals have managed to engineer considerable success through carefully planned content strategies that owe just as much to data analytics, SEO, and UX as the desire for creative expression."

Simple navigation and a unique voice seem to be two of the most important factors. Some blogs have been able to establish themselves in saturated markets by really getting to know their target audience. 

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Content creation is fantastic! But it can sometimes get bogged down in the details and the process.

First, figure out how your client ticks. They have other things to worry about, so find the best way to tap into what works for them! For example, we created a tool with a simple approval process that's easy to use. 

Also, make sure you have more than one contact for your clients. Does the approval person have a receptionist? Assistant? THey may be able to help.

Finally, as Search Engine Journal said, "If nothing is working, just ask! You’d be surprised what you can learn from asking plainly why they’re not approving content."

10 Tips to Get Your Content Reviewed & Approved Faster

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Athletes have always been marketing powerhouses. However, their place in advertising is shifting lately.

Adweek said, "Brands are no longer using such figures to simply catch the eye of their audience but instead focus their attention on finding stars that truly align with, represent and share their values."

Instead of just putting their face with products, companies are becoming deeper and more purposeful with their branding. This is a good strategy because customers are also becoming more intentional with their dollars. They want to support companies that align with their values. Working with an athlete in this way both grabs customers' attention and shows the values they want to portray. 

Have you noticed this phenomenon? Does it alter your perception of brands?

Move Aside Influencers—Athletes Are Becoming the Faces of New Brand Strategies

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Content doesn't have to work for you just once. It can work for you again and again! Here are some ways you could re-purpose those old blog posts.

You could take statistics from them and make a new infographic if the numbers are still relevant! You could also put them together to create an ebook. The best parks of them could be used on your social media channels or the content could be used for a podcast.

If the blog inspires you, write a spin off post! It could be about one topic from the article or refer back to it about how things have changed since that blog post was written.

As Marketing Insider Group said, "One single blog post can be repurposed into a variety of different formats and uses that can help you to widen your audience, improve your brand visibility, and even boost conversions."

6 Ideas for Repurposing Blog Content | Marketing Insider Group

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2019 is the year you are going to rank better on Google. You can do it! Start of with some eye-catching headlines and follow them up with some longer blog posts. Optimizing for mobile is going to be really important in 2019, so make sure you've done that! Once you have optimized for mobile, start optimizing for voice search by focusing on page load time and social engagement. You can also optimize your images, "by renaming the name of the image, keep the name as your keyword or niche. As if it represents the topic. Also, set the image Alt Text for the images on your webpage or post." Here's to a great 2019!

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Many content marketers focus on just the buyer's decision stage for higher conversion. However, it's a good idea to look at the buyer's entire journey instead of just one stage. The three parts of the buyer's journey are the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. If you only focus on the decision stage, you're missing two vital parts. Take the entire journey into account when doing your advertising and keyword research. There is value in brand authority and creating awareness!

Evolving Keyword Research to Match Your Buyer's Journey

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Some days it just seems like you've exhausted all of your sources and you can't find any good content! If you're stuck, try looking through peer-reviewed literature! When you curate it, turn the academic jargon into something your audience will be interested in. You could also head over to the library! Despite popular belief, not everything can be found online. Check out some expert interviews or even podcasts! The Content Marketing Institute said, "Taking your content to the next level starts by taking your research to the next level. Put in the extra effort and go for the hard sources. Your content quality and quantity will almost certainly improve." 

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Clickbait is a buzzword in the digital marketing space - but what does it really mean? To most, it's a negative term that has come to mean tricking someone to click on your page with a misleading title. However, the Content Marketing Institute reported, “While we often view clickbait negatively because it is associated with fake news and online hucksters, if your company has a solid product that can actually help consumers, getting people to your site by hook or crook isn’t such a bad thing.” Truthfully, your headline SHOULD spark interest and curiosity and "bait" people to click on your article! Just make sure you have relevant quality content for them once they click!

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Starting a new blog from nothing can be very difficult - no doubt about it! There are so many decisions to make - what will the blog be about? What is the "voice" of the blog? What is the audience? Neil Patel recommends first choosing a big niche using Google Trends. His example was to find a niche bigger than digital marketing but smaller than nutrition. Then, expand your blog to multiple platforms! He also recommends an informal voice because, "People want to read stories. They want to be involved in a conversation, and the easiest way to do this is to use the words 'you' and 'I' within your blog posts." To summarize, create quality content for a defined audience with an informal tone. Click the link for more great advice!

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Coming up with topic ideas to write about can sometimes be difficult. Here are a few places to start when you're stuck! Scrolling through Quora is a great idea if you're stuck, simply because you'll find questions that people on the internet want answers to! Find questions you know the answers to and write about them on your blog - then maybe the next person who wants to know the answer to that question will find your website. Pinterest is also a great tool - and not just for crafting. They have a wealth of information on all topics to help you get inspired! BuzzSumo and Google News will keep you updated on current events, so find something that sparks your interest and write about it!

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Looking for a new blogging strategy? Trying to reach more people and increase engagement? Check the stats. Search Engine Journal put together some statistics about blogging, and found that many bloggers aren't implementing the most successful strategies! For example they said, "Only 18% of those surveyed are publishing articles of 2000 words or more. Out of those who are publishing 2000+ word article, 42% say it drives strong results." Also, the frequency at which articles are posted is going down and few post more than once a week. However, 46% of those surveyed that post more than once a week said they see strong results. It's not always viable to post 2,000 word articles multiple times a week - that's why we think a healthy mix of short and long blog posts drive the best results. 

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Search Engine Journal said, "To see any profitable traffic and high-quality inbound leads coming in through user search, you have to strategize your content around solid SEO." To do that, brand tightly and define the area or areas your content will cover. What do you want to promote? Then, look at your audience and define keywords that will target them. After that it's time to build content and optimize! It seems simple, but it will take some time and energy. Once you see the results, however, you will know the time spent was well worth it!

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SEO is key when driving traffic to your website, but there are also some ways to supplement it that can really make an impact. Guest blogging is a fantastic way to reach new audiences that are interested in your area of expertise. You could also try email marketing or video content. "According to HubSpot's State of Video Marketing report, 76 percent of marketers say that video content has increased traffic to their website." If you have a budget to work with, online advertising can also successfully supplement SEO. Don't forget to post your content on social media channels as well!

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When it comes to content marketing strategies, B2C businesses tend to do better than B2B. The Content Marketing Institute reported that there were three reasons for this - a lack of documented strategy, lack of consistency, bad content, trying to get by without paying for content marketing, and ignoring personal branding. We can help you work through all of these challenges with our content automation platform. B2B News Network said, "Don't reserve strategic content and social media marketing for the consumer marketing because you have every opportunity to excel as B2B. Avoid these mistakes, boost your bottom line, and gain more clients!"

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Entrepreneur said, "To run the digital marketing race, you not only have to train but to change the way you train. By working to understand purchase cycles and how they fit into your marketing time line, you'll set your business up for success in the long run." This is the case for SEO and all digital marketing. It can take a while to see the results, but once you do you will wish you had started sooner! Don't get behind, start the process to understanding your business and finding your baseline now so you can start seeing results!

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Content is King, build it and they will come. Have you heard those sayings? There is absolutely some truth to them, but if your content isn't performing as well as you hoped it would, these could be the reasons why! Sticking to a content schedule is very important, recommends thinking about your blog the same way you would a magazine publication. Be consistent! They also said, "Don't create blog posts around keywords. Instead, create content that your ideal customer would be interested in, and then find the keywords to optimize the content."

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