Blogging Tips & Strategies

Better blogging is the key to content marketing success and building out your brands voice in the search engines and on social media. Enjoy our blogging strategies and tips written by our team of SEO experts who also curate and share the most relevant insights from other blogging and writing professionals.
Hannah BrennerCureditor

Forbes said that when many different employees throughout an organization are creating content, it can get confusing and discombobulated. They also said, "To achieve a unified content strategy, there must be a centralized content management tool used by the entire organization, and the content it stores must be structured to ensure it can be used by any type of medium." Our tool can help many different people easily post to your blog in difference categories.

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Practical Ecommerce highly recommends a content hub and integrating SEO to connect with customers. Their guidelines for content creation say that content should be useful, informative, entertaining, or a mix of the three. They said, "Instead of trying to make the next viral video or breakout meme, focus on creating content that has real value for your target audience of potential customers." If you do that, you will already be on your way to better rankings. Content marketing and SEO are intertwined, each and great content will help you reach your SEO goals! Make sure the amazing content you are producing is accessible and easy to navigate to on your website. 

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Writer's block? Take some inspiration from lesser-known holidays this month! You can try to connect to Hispanic Heritage Month or National Coffee Day on September 29. Practical Ecommerce suggested, "In September, consider telling a story about privacy or more specifically what your business does to defend customers’ personal information. Privacy has been a hot topic in 2018." Hopefully those get your brain moving! When you are in a productive mindset, write down as many ideas as you can think of, then create a timeline and stick to it! Move through that writer's block and create some awesome, quality content!

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If your content marketing strategy isn’t working, don’t write off content marketing completely! There are many other options to try. Neil Patel recommends keeping your blogging style conversational by using the words “you” and “I.” When you do create that quality content, share it! Social sites are a great way to increase traffic to your website and get more eyes on that great content you created. In conclusion Patel says, “Before you do any form of content marketing, make sure you are really going after an audience that will buy your products and services. Once you’ve got the targeting down, then start cranking out content, promoting it and building a community.”


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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

With every task comes challenges, and content marketing is no exception. SEM Rush and The Content Marketing Institute did some research to find out what challenges content marketing professionals face. The Marketing Profs reported, “Content writers say their top challenges are finding a balance between creativity and SEO, understanding their target audiences, and meeting deadlines/time management.” That’s why at Cureight we work to streamline the process and produce quality content in less time! Time saved can be spent being creative and optimizing content!

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