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Marketing and psychology are deeply connected, and marketers can learn a lot from studies that have been conducted! 

For example, Regan’s Reciprocity Experiment showed us that, "If you provide something of value to your customers or your website visitors, they will be far more likely to provide you with their business in return."

Kahneman’s Framing Experiment taught us that context is really important and Zajonc’s Mere Exposure Study proved the power of brand exposure. There's a reason those Superbowl ad slots are so expensive!

What psychology have you used in your marketing strategies?

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Content curation is a fantastic, efficient way to build your website content and reach your target audience. However, sometimes content curation turns into content "regurgitation."

As Pam Marketing Nut said, "Many lazy marketers start copying, pasting and regurgitating other people's content. They copy, tweak and pretend it is their when in reality they have often lost the real meaning of it without even knowing."

So, how do you stand out? Take inspiration from content on the internet and put your own spin on it. Speak on behalf of your brand and your message. You don't have to agree with the content you curate - why not curate and add your own argument?

Try something new!

Content Curation, Creation vs Regurgitation: How to Curate Like a Pro and Build Your Brand in 2019

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A pair of brothers think they found the best formula for making viral content. The Heath brothers say there are six factors to making a content what they call "sticky." 

To be sticky the content has to be simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and story-driven. Hubspot said, "They compete against an endless supply of videos all screaming for attention, but they can slice through the clutter, resonate emotionally with viewers, and are actually considered valuable pieces of content."

Click the link to see some videos of this technique in action!

The Psychology Behind Viral Marketing Videos

Despite an airtime of almost five minutes and an onslaught of gags and jokes, NERD Skincare stays laser-focused on a single, straightforward message throughout the… Read More
Hannah BrennerCureditor

Some people say that content marketing is a "soft skill." We disagree.

Content marketers use a variety of really important skills to make an impact. They reach their target audience, drive sales, and make those conversions. 

Copyblogger said, "No matter what traffic strategy you’re using, a web of interesting, engaging content will help you keep that traffic on your site so you can actually have a conversation about what you offer."

Shoutout to content marketers for all their awesome work! 

No, Content Marketing Is Not a 'Soft Skill' - Copyblogger

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7 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing provides three times the leads of paid search advertising, according to data from the Content Marketing Institute. Many businesses already understand the importance of a content strategy, dedicating...
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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

When it comes to content creation, little mistakes can cause big issues! Double check that you aren't making any of these mistakes. First, edit thoroughly!

Even one typo portrays a negative image of your writing and your brand. Also, double check your sources. Stay away from keyword overloading - it doesn't seem like natural conversation so nobody wants to read it. OOm said, "Wake up, it’s 2019 now and keyword overloading can be penalised. Instead, use your keywords wisely and effectively. Make its presence sensible to the entire article."

Finally, don't go crazy with the graphics. They are a great tool but can often get cluttered and confusing. Use graphics, but get to the point!

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4 Proven Advantages of Scheduling Blog Content

One of the best ways to get the most from your blogging efforts is to have a consistent content schedule. It will take the guesswork out of your content creation...
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Creating content on LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal brand, but there are some common mistakes that should be avoided. First, define your audience and don't stray too far from your message. If you're putting out content about drastically different topics without a clear connection between them it could leave your audience confused. Also, make sure your readers can really learn something from your content because that is what will keep them coming back. Motivational quotes might be alright once in a while, but typically readers don't want to see them all the time. A clear message, professional look, and quality informational content will go far!

Eight Content Creation Mistakes That Ruin Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

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There is a lot of content out there in the world today. Some people find themselves overwhelmed with professional networking and staying on top of current topics. Others completely miss the new information and find themselves falling behind. This is a great opportunity to utilize a content curation blog. Content curators will go through all the content funneling through, find the best articles, and summarize them for you! This makes staying current easier and more time efficient. If you're more of a visual learner, check out the video in the link that explains this!

Content curation for learning - in less than 3 minutes
Hannah BrennerCureditor

Why market free shipping? There are psychological reasons why free shipping is a good idea and they have to do with retention. Jeff Bullas said, "Free shipping is a great incentive for acquiring new customers as well as retaining old ones. It can go a long way to encourage your customers to remain loyal to your brand. And customer retention only comes from loyalty." It has also become an expectation due to large retailers like Amazon offering free, fast shipping. If you want to play into the psychology of keeping your customers around, consider offering free shipping!

The Psychology Of Free Shipping and How It Drives Customer Retention

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Have you ever heard of a brand bible? It may sound silly, but it's great to have a set of guidelines even when you're branding yourself. Ladders said, "From there, you can start putting it all into action. Lockdown a brand name, a mission statement, and an 'about me' section. Then, you can start building your content and get into a routine of posting. But it all starts with that brand manual." Once you've got a good start on your brand bible, find a niche and figure out what platforms fit your personal brand the best. 

The business of me: How to create your personal brand strategy

After deciding that she would create her own marketing agency, Whiting launched Fanfare Creative, a content creation and social media management agency, in 2016.Write your own brand… Read More

Ready to start curating? Here are five steps to take! First, decide on the content. How much will you curate to stay balanced with your original content? Then decide on the categories you want to curate for based on keyword research. The next important step to take is to thoroughly research sources. Which ones align best with your brand message? Are they reliable? Then, figure out where you will share your content and continuously analyze your traffic results! Mia Liana said, "In summary, curating content for your enterprise blog boils down to understanding your audience, using the right tools and strategies and constantly analyzing your results."

5 Steps To Curating Content For Your Business Blog

This gives you future insights to re-strategize your blogging efforts towards the type of content that resonates best with your audience.In summary, curating content for… Read More
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Sometimes, psychology is all in the numbers. Alt Creative said, "Like with color, numbers have their psychological meaning. As marketers, knowing the meaning behind a given number can go a long way to allow you to effectively market your brand." For example, the number one is often associated with first place, or it can be used for scarcity marketing. Seven is definitely the favorite number of many people and is even connected to some religions. Odd numbers are often considered masculine and even - feminine. Look around you at the numbers you see in the world - are they random or are they intentional? 

How to Harness the Psychology of Numbers in Marketing - Alt Creative

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Keeping It Real: Content Marketing in the ‘Fake News’ Era

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Consistent, regular content is great for your brand and for SEO. A common question is - if a competitor writes a great article, should I curate it? Web Designer Depot argues that you should. They said, "If you truly believe in your own product/service, that’s a hell of a power move. If your competitors respond in kind, that could be the start of some lovely cross-promotion." What do you think - could you benefit from curating a competitor's content? What would you think if they curated yours? Confidence in yourself and your business can certainly go a long way. 

5 Tips for Using Curation as a Content Strategy | Webdesigner Depot

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7 Basic Tips for Creating Pages Your Visitors and Google Will Love

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