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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

When it comes to content creation, little mistakes can cause big issues! Double check that you aren't making any of these mistakes. First, edit thoroughly!

Even one typo portrays a negative image of your writing and your brand. Also, double check your sources. Stay away from keyword overloading - it doesn't seem like natural conversation so nobody wants to read it. OOm said, "Wake up, it’s 2019 now and keyword overloading can be penalised. Instead, use your keywords wisely and effectively. Make its presence sensible to the entire article."

Finally, don't go crazy with the graphics. They are a great tool but can often get cluttered and confusing. Use graphics, but get to the point!

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Apple is getting involved with content creation! The Street reported, "Diversification is key, even at Apple Inc. While the company's ubiquitous iPhone is clearly its bread and butter, Apple has opportunities to bolster its bottom line through its services businesses, specifically content creation, according to an RBC Capital Markets research note on Monday, June 25." This just goes to show what an impact content has on business today! Plus, they just signed a deal with Oprah! It will be interesting to see how they leverage this and how it will impact the industry.

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Anyone that has experienced this can attest to it - writer's block is the worst! Practical Ecommerce came up with a list of ways to combat writer's block for SEO. They said, "The first way to break writer's block is to consult the foundational tool for SEO: keyword research. Since search queries reflect information that people want to know and products they want to buy, it's a natural tool to consult when you're not sure what to write next." You can also do some Google searches and read other content to get inspired. If you are still stuck, click the link for more ideas!

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

When writing for SEO, always focus on the customer first. A paragraph full of keywords may seem great for optimization, but if it doesn't make sense or it isn't engaging it won't be read. Forbes reported, "Know your audience. It's not enough to create compelling copy - you must strive to create compelling copy that your readers value." Create interesting, eye catching headlines and always, always proofread! Remember, you can always go back and adjust things for optimization purposes. Focus first on the quality and the value of the content.

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Forbes reported a powerful statistic about search engine optimization and why it is so vital. They said, "With the front page of Google receiving 95% of all web traffic, while other pages receive 5% or even less, you really need your organization to rank as high as possible." You can improve your strategy with diverse content, content that promotes your authority, and consistency. SEO/content creation software like ours can help tremendously with these goals. Long-form content is great for rankings and long tail keywords really make a difference. Finally, make sure your content is easy to read, not technical and complicated.

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