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Hannah BrennerCureditor

If you work in SEO, staying on top of Google's algorithm changes is absolutely vital! Here are some recent - and not recent changes you should be aware of. 

Google's Penguin update made a splash in 2012 because it added to the importance - and quality - of backlinks!

The Pigeon update was all about local searches, helping those with physical locations that are trying to reach local customers. 

Also, "Google Fred update was launched in March 2017. Its main aim was to lower the ranking of websites or web pages that content-wise added no value to users but were completely focused on aggressive monetization through advertisements." 

Click the link for more notable algorithm updates!

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Have you seen the new tab in Google Search Console titled Security Issues? If not, check it out! Google will now warn you if they see anything harmful on your website. 

Search Engine Journal reported, "Within this tab, Search Console will notify webmasters about anything on their site that prompts Google Chrome to display a warning to visitors."

Possible issues include hacks, malware, harmful downloads, and more. 

If yours says, "No issues detected, " you're all set!


Google Search Console to Alert Users About Site Hacks and Malware - Search Engine Journal

Google added a ‘Security Issues’ tab in Search Console that will report on harmful activities like site hacks and malware.Possible security issues may include: Hacks… Read More
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If you are trying to work on your search engine optimization, it's important to keep current with statistics about Google! 

The graph speaks for itself - Google is in charge. 

Search Engine Journal reported, "Google accounted for 96% of all US mobile organic search visits in the fourth quarter of 2018." Mobile search is huge, making up 61% of organic search visits, showing a growth of 12%!

Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo are still far behind!

Google Produced 96% of US Mobile Search Visits in Q4 2018 - Search Engine Journal

Mobile devices produced 61% of Google organic search visits in Q4 2018.DuckDuckGo organic search visits were up 34% year-over-year overall in Q4 2018, and grew… Read More
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Are you getting the most out of Google Analytics? Here are a few ways you could be learning more from Google's tool!

First, use Google Analytics to see how your content is performing and check out the bounce rate. As Forbes said, "Many times you can tell right away if your targeting or messaging is off or if the landing page is failing to convert, simply by seeing how much of the traffic from a paid source immediately bounces out."

Traffic and lead origins are also very important. You could also see if any companies are visiting your website and which ones. 

For even more ways you could be using Google Analytics, check out the article linked from Forbes!

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When will the Google algorithm changes happen? Honestly, we don't know. John Mueller from Google tweeted that there isn't necessarily a timeline. He also said, "In general, these are not penalties, so instead of just waiting, I'd recommend getting objective input from peers early on, eg by posting in a forum." We will keep you updated if we get any new information about changes happening or a more definitive timeline!

Google Says There Is No Time Frame For Algorithmic Changes To Take Effect

Google's John Mueller said on Twitter yesterday "There is no fixed timeframe for algorithmic changes to take effect, past the need to recrawl & reprocess… Read More
Hannah BrennerCureditor

If you have never used Google Analytics before, we're here to give you a quick overview! Google Analytics is a great tool for SEO and can help you learn more about how your website and content are performing. After you sign up, get your tracking ID and take it over to Wordpress. Then you can install the Google Analytics plugin and get your access code. After that you will be able to utilize the analytics like seeing what is happening with your website in real time, learning about your audience, information about acquisition, and the all-important conversions. Happy analyzing!

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

It's official - not every feature from the old search console will make it over to the new search console. Search Engine Roundtable reported, "John [Mueller] listed one example, the crawl errors section will be going away because it is not useful. Google also might do away with reports that third-party tools have and are redundant to what Google offers." Click the link to see the video of the webmaster hangout where Mueller discusses what the Search Console team is currently working in. What features do you definitely want to see in the new version? 

Google To Discontinue Some Old Search Console Features

Google's John Mueller confirmed this morning in a webmaster hangout at the 1:09 mark into the video that Google does plan to close down, discontinue,… Read More
Hannah BrennerCureditor

Tools like Google Search Console and Google Webmaster can play a significant part in growing your business. The analytics you can access can give you incredible insight into your audience and your website's performance. This is especially true with mobile performance, which is playing an increasingly more important role in deciding search ranking. If you are making a concentrated effort to maximize your leads and conversions, give Google's tools a try. In today's web driven world, it could make all the difference in your business growth!

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Google Search Console is changing this week. SEO Roundtable reported, "Google has posted the date of December 13, 2018 as the date they will be removing some of the old Google Search Console reports. The reports are already replaced by similar reports in the new Google Search Console." On the list of things that will be changed is Search Analytics, Links to Your Site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, Mobile Usability, and Index Status. We will report back when the changes are made and continue to keep you updated!

Google Shutting Down Many Old Search Console Reports December 13th

Google has posted the date of December 13, 2018 as the date they will be removing some of the old Google Search Console reports.The reports… Read More
Hannah BrennerCureditor

There is constant conversation these days about mobile first indexing because Google has said they are moving that way. However, that doesn't mean it is happening overnight. SEO Roundtable reported, "I keep getting asked if Google is now done migrating sites to the mobile first indexing process. The answer is no, there are many sites, including this one, that has not been migrated yet. Google said many times it can take years and years for it to happen." John Mueller once again took to twitter to confirm that all the sites have not been moved over. So, what do you do? Make sure that both your mobile site and your desktop site are in tip-top shape so you are covered either way. 

Google: Not All Sites Were Moved Yet To Mobile First Indexing

Google said many times it can take years and years for it to happen.John Mueller from Google confirmed on Twitter again that not all sites… Read More
Hannah BrennerCureditor

Google has posted an update about search analytics. In Google Search Console it now says, "Important: This report will soon be replaced by the new Performance Report . Please update your links to point to the new report." What does this mean? According to John Mueller, there will be a replacement report and it will contain all of the information you've been using already, presumably just in a different format. There is no official release date yet, but we will let you know when the changes happen!

Google Search Console To Replace Search Analytics With Performance Report

Google has posted an important notice in Google Search Console, above the Search Analytics report that it will "soon be replaced" by the new Performance… Read More
Ryan HenryPresident & Founder

Interesting discussion on Search Engine Roundtable regarding a possible Google algorithm update this month. SEO tools are reporting both fluctuation in the 'SERP's weather' and that rankings have returned to their previous positions before the last update. We at Cureight have not seen any decline or dramatic increase in our clients traffic or positions to date. Have you experienced any traffic gains or losses over the past few days? Let us know.

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Google recently added some new features to its search console. Search Engine Roundtable reported, "Google has added to the Google Search Console performance reports a filter under the 'search appearance' filter for both event listings and event details. This is a new filter to help you see how well your event markup is performing in search." For now, this feature is only available in three countries - the US, UK, and India. If your business is heavily involved in events, this feature could definitely be useful! Click the link to learn more or go check it out in Google Search Console. 

Google Search Console Performance Reports Adds Event Listings & Detail Filters

Google did have a event markup support for the help documents: Some rich result types have two search result views: a list view and a… Read More
Hannah BrennerCureditor

Google's algorithms are good, but they can make mistakes! Their reverse image search mistook a cat with its head at an odd angle for a crow. A tweet about the mistake went viral and said, "“This picture of a crow is interesting because it's actually a cat.” Check out the image for yourself! Were you initially fooled? Have you experienced something similar with Google's reverse image search?

Optical illusion of a cat or crow TRICKS Google reverse search algorithm

Research director at Citizens for Ethics, Robert Maguire, shared the image, writing: “This picture of a crow is interesting because it's actually a cat.”Reed Mideke… Read More
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The internet changes fast and SEO is no different! It might be hard to stay current with everything going on, but following Google's guidelines will pay off. One important change to note is that mobile speed is becoming increasingly important. Neil Patel's blog said, "It means that you need to have a functioning mobile site with content that matches your desktop site. This can be achieved with a responsive mobile site that dynamically updates content from desktop to mobile." For more important updates and changes, click the link!

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

If your organic traffic numbers are dropping instead of going up, there is definitely a problem. However, don't panic! There are ways to reverse that trend! First, check the simple website performance, because a kink there could definitely make an impact. Then look for a Google penalty because that can cause a dramatic drop. If that still doesn't solve the problem, head over to Google Search Console. B2C said, "As difficult as Google algorithms can be, they are always very clear about what they want from a website. You need to religiously adhere to their guidelines and also implement their feedback for enhanced search performance."

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What's in the new version of Google Search Console? Three new features! The mobile usability report can now be used in the new version. Search Engine Land reported you are also able to, "Manage users and permissions directly in the new Google Search Console. Previously, you were only able to do this within the old version." Finally, you can also validate ownership and add sites in this new version, not just the old one. Time to give it a try!

New Google Search Console adds mobile usability report, manage users & adds site features

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Google's August 1 update, which some are calling the, "Medic update" has been rolled out. As said in Search Engine Land, "I collected over 300 domains from SEOs who said they were impacted and ran the results after manually categorizing all of them. I updated the results before publishing this story, and of the 325 submissions, almost half of them were in the medical and health space. As always, Google recommends making sure the content on your site is high quality and the website itself functions well for visitors. Have you seen any changes since the beginning of August in your site's performance?

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Quick update - Google is speeding up some searches!

"VentureBeat reports Google is now speeding up some search queries by two-times by using Service Workers, a script that your browser runs in the background. Google said this currently only works on Chrome for Android running version 62 or up." 

Google speeds up some searches by 2x with use of Service Worker and Chrome for Android

Google is now speeding up some search queries by two-times by using Service Workers, a script that your browser runs in the background. Google said… Read More
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When trying to connect with your customers, your value proposition should line up with what your customers respond to. You can actually use Google Analytics to help you fine tune that. Practical Ecommerce said, "Data from Google Analytics can be enlightening. It may confirm that the company’s customers align with the value proposition, but it may also identify reasons to adjust strategy." Look up your target demographics and measure how your value prop lines up. Click the link for more detailed information on how to use these analytics to your advantage and learn from them!

Use Google Analytics to Fine-tune Your Value Proposition

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Privacy policies are outlined but who actually ever reads them.  If you are one of the few you would know that turning off your Location History is not suffice for Google to stop following you.  "It seems pretty sneaky to me that Google continues to store location data, unless you both disable "Location history" and "Web & App Activity." Storing location data offers big opportunities for marketers to further target their audience.

Google tracks users who turn off location history

Google records users' locations even when they have asked it not to, a report from the Associated Press has suggested. The issue could affect up… Read More