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Hannah BrennerCureditor

When trying to connect with your customers, your value proposition should line up with what your customers respond to. You can actually use Google Analytics to help you fine tune that. Practical Ecommerce said, "Data from Google Analytics can be enlightening. It may confirm that the company’s customers align with the value proposition, but it may also identify reasons to adjust strategy." Look up your target demographics and measure how your value prop lines up. Click the link for more detailed information on how to use these analytics to your advantage and learn from them!

Use Google Analytics to Fine-tune Your Value Proposition

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Privacy policies are outlined but who actually ever reads them.  If you are one of the few you would know that turning off your Location History is not suffice for Google to stop following you.  "It seems pretty sneaky to me that Google continues to store location data, unless you both disable "Location history" and "Web & App Activity." Storing location data offers big opportunities for marketers to further target their audience.

Google tracks users who turn off location history

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Google recently confirmed it's 'broad core algorithm update'  with a message to companies that there is 'no fix' for pages but to focus on building great content. Our client's websites SEO visibility scores went up when this update happened and I am not surprised. To often people focus their SEO efforts on keywords and the company itself rather than users and what they are trying to solve. Building great content means being a resource for people so they can find all of the best answers in one place. This often means curating and sharing relevant content that others have written in addition to your own. Businesses solve problems for people and to build relationships online they need to help them understand the best way to solve it through content. By focusing on serving and helping your target audience you can stop worrying about Google and start enjoying growth.

Google Medic Update: What You Can Do To Fix Your Rankings

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Ryan HenryPresident & Founder

Like it or not these tech giants are gather as much data as possible to help them segment audiences and therefore make more money. The simple fact that they can track you and where you are going allows them to start understanding patterns about your behaviors. This article deep dives into this issue and gets specific on how the tracking works and how to turn it off. 

This reminds me of a great Ted Talk I listened too a while back: Your Phone Company Is Watching - good information to know!

How to track where Google's tracking you

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Ryan HenryPresident & Founder

Cool to see how AI can be used to help people eat well and stay fit! With that said it's scary to think about how much data we're allowing Google to have about our lives and habits! 

‘Google Coach’ Wearable Fitness Assistant Reportedly Being Developed

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