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Facebook is a staple in social media marketing. However, many brands should consider posting on other platforms as well! Forbes reported, that many Facebook users are being lost to Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. They said, "In June 2018, Facebook marked its lowest market share (63%), while Youtube noted its highest monthly market share in 2018, reaching almost 10%." So, while Facebook is still the most popular trends are changing. It's a great idea to get established on those platforms early before they become even more saturated. 

Facebook Loosing Users To Pinterest, Youtube And Twitter (Market Share By Region)

Average monthly market share of social media apps for 2018 by region (Source: Statcounter)Nina Angelovska Here are a few highlights: The highest drop in Facebook's market… Read More
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How do you increase engagement on a Facebook business page? Social Media Examiner has a list of 13 ways to do just that. Find ways to connect with your audience and build two-way communication. Try collecting questions for an AMA, a comment contest, or share photos your audience has taken! Openly asking for feedback is a great way to both increase engagement and learn about your audience. Social media users value transparency, so try sharing a behind-the-scenes fact or photo. The Social Media Examiner wisely said, "Sharing Facebook posts that discuss what’s happening in your audience’s world is a great way to encourage responses. This lets you join in the conversations that people are already having, so your presence becomes more like that of a friend than an entity that’s trying to sell." 

13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

While this veterinary group’s Facebook page has fewer than 1,000 likes, sharing useful and timely information about an outbreak of parvovirus helped this post generate… Read More
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In case you didn't know, Facebook is making some changes to its mobile platform and you should take note! There are new options for businesses to promote locally. Marketing Land said, "For the redesigned mobile Pages, Facebook is giving more prominence to Recommendations and including Stories that can be viewed by tapping on the business Pages profile photo." If you haven't in a while, now is the time to make sure all the information on your page is accurate such as your hours of operation. Since recommendations are being featured more, it's a good idea to stay on top of them and make sure your ratings are doing well.

Facebook adds Stories, action buttons & more to redesigned mobile Pages

For the redesigned mobile Pages, Facebook is giving more prominence to Recommendations and including Stories that can be viewed by tapping on the business Pages… Read More
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Facebook was down for a few hours this week, and the internet did not know what to do with itself. Comicbook reported, "Users around the world attempted to log in today only to discover that the services weren't just being slow or finicky. They're in a full-fledged outage. So, what do you do when Facebook is down?" The answer, of course, was to head over to the social media platform that wasn't down - Twitter - and joke about it! Click the link for some funny reactions to the outage. Hopefully it won't be down too long!

Facebook Is Down but the Twitter Reactions Are Hilarious

No, the apocalypse is not upon us though it may feel that way if you're a regular user of Facebook, Instagram, and a few other… Read More