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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Mobile-first indexing has been a huge change in the SEO world, so make sure your mobile site is in tip-top shape! Google has prioritized mobile, which means your mobile site is the one that will primarily be crawled and indexed. However, your desktop site will still be taken into consideration. Digital Branding Institute said, "Your desktop site will still be indexed if you do not have a mobile site or your mobile site does not reflect your SEO strategy. However, your rank will likely fall as mobile-friendly sites rise, meaning that fewer and fewer people will see your content when they make search queries." Click the link for some steps you can take to optimize your website for mobile!

What Google’s “Mobile-First Indexing” Update Means for Your SEO Strategy – Digital Branding
Ryan HenryPresident & Founder

You might not be paying attention to your page speed, but Google is! It's also becoming a factor for mobile SEO as of July 2018. Forbes said, "While there are hundreds of factors that determine how high a site ranks in Google's search results, ensuring that your site loads quickly creates a strong foundation for you to build content and grow your organic traffic." Don't let details like this fall to the side and take away from all the great work done on your website!

How To Optimize Page Speed To Master SEO

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