Marketing Psychology Strategies

Enjoy our marketing psychology strategies written by our team of SEO experts who also curate and share the most relevant marketing psychology tactics fromother industry leading content marketing professionals.
Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Sometimes, psychology is all in the numbers. Alt Creative said, "Like with color, numbers have their psychological meaning. As marketers, knowing the meaning behind a given number can go a long way to allow you to effectively market your brand." For example, the number one is often associated with first place, or it can be used for scarcity marketing. Seven is definitely the favorite number of many people and is even connected to some religions. Odd numbers are often considered masculine and even - feminine. Look around you at the numbers you see in the world - are they random or are they intentional? 

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Gary Vaynerchuk has a message - stay optimistic! The CEO of VaynerMedia thinks the internet represents opportunity and growth. On his blog he said, "When you're addicted to optimism, kindness, and positivity, your POV changes. When you choose empathy, gratitude, and perspective, nothing can stop you. It's 100% the way to win." This is not only a great strategy for your personal life, but could be applied to the online "voice" for your business as well! Keep it positive and focus on promoting what you do best.


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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Trust and authority are key when trying to grow a brand. Pay attention to any reviews online because consumers will consider them before making a purchase. Another good thing to look into would be cause marketing. Econtent said, "Cause marketing, in a nutshell, is a corporate responsibility to support a social movement or purpose. A study conducted by Cone/Porter Novelli found that 77% of consumers feel stronger emotional connections with purpose-driven companies over traditional ones--making this an incredibly powerful psychological marketing tactic." Finally, create an online presence that comes off more as a person than a brand. If your business was a person, what would they be like? Funny? Serious? Think about it, and explore the possibilities!

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Do kids know anything about SEO? Probably not, but they do search on Google and we can absolutely learn from their thought processes. Google told some children to use the search box and find out what dolphins eat. What they found was interesting - some kids chose to look for pictures of dolphins eating and discern for themselves what the dolphin eats based on photos rather than reading text. Moz noted that, "Some common misconceptions they found some kids thought that the search suggestions, so the drop-down as you start typing, were the answers, which is bit problematic." What is your search style? How do you problem solve when you're not finding the answers you want? What problems might your potential leads have when searching for your business?

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