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Is page speed actually important? The short answer is YES. 

The Social Dribbler reported, "47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less and 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, if your website is too slow, it’s costing you money."

It's also important for ranking and search engine optimization. For example, if your mobile load speed is slow that could negatively impact your desktop rankings as well! 

Click the link for some great tips on how to improve your page load speed. 

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Product page optimization is really important for SEO! 

Finding the balance between creative and SEO friendly can definitely be a challenge. 

First, as always, understand your target audience and do some keyword research! Include those keywords organically in your descriptions.

Pictures and videos are also really important for SEO performance and higher engagement. 

Most importantly, keep working at it! Magento said, "SEO is not simply a set-it-and-forget-it initiative. You need to continually check your eCommerce analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Your goal is to develop a data-supported SEO strategy which will evolve over time." 

eCommerce SEO: How to Optimize Product Pages | Magento

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As Search Engine Journal said, "With hundreds of billions of webpages in Google’s index, you need to optimize your crawl budget to stay competitive."

You should be checking your website's crawl status at least every month or two. Check for errors and make sure everything is functioning properly. 

Mobile-friendliness is also really important for indexation, as well as regular content! 

Have you submitted a sitemap? This is a really important step that can definitely make a difference. 

Click the link for more great indexation ideas!

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Want to learn more about search engine optimization? That's great! TechBuzNews put together a list of resources for those that want to study up! First, check out The Beginner’s Guide To SEO Basics by Moz. It's an in depth guide with ten chapters that will give you a great base of knowledge. Google also has a starter guide for search engine optimization - and they know it best! Once you're through those you can check out Search Engine Land's "What is SEO?" and the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization. Our blog also has a wealth of information. Happy reading!

How to Learn SEO in 2019 – Get Good Fast, Learn SEO Basics – 9 Rapid-Fire Resources - Technology

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Looking for a quick way to catch up on the latest advanced SEO techniques? We've got you covered! A hot topic right now is how to get your content in Google's featured snippet. Try looking for keywords you already rank for and write 40-60 words formatted to fit that space. Comprehensive, long-form content is also performing well especially over 2,000 words. If you haven't optimized for mobile-first yet that should definitely be a priority. Video content on YouTube is like it's own powerful search engine and should be utilized as well. Click the link for more recent SEO tips!

SEO in 2019 - Latest, Advanced Tips about Search Engine Optimization

In fact, Google stated that community (blog comments) can help “a lot” with rankings.And last year Google said that “Comments are better on-site for engagement… Read More

For Ecommerce, potential customers finding you online is everything so SEO is extremely important. Start with an audit on a tool such as SEMrush. Next, try out some keyword research. In your research look for search volume, intent, relevance, and competition. Also, make sure you know your keyword terminology! Do you know the difference between a long-tail keyword and an LSI keyword? Then it's time to look into some optimizing - such as meta tags, meta description, headings, and images.  Finally, remember that content is always king! Keep on creating and optimizing for a site that ranks well!

10 Tips That Can Improve Ecommerce SEO

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Have you ever heard of image optimization? With more attention turning to visual content, it can be a great tool!

Many people might just upload an image with the name it had when you downloaded it, but using keywords in those names can make a difference.

Imagekit said, "Image file name plays a significant role in image optimization for SEO so you should choose a proper keyword rich name for your image file."

Follow that up with a quality caption for an even bigger impact. Finally, make sure your image is a JPEG, PNG, or GIF and keep the file size as small as possible without losing quality. 

Image Optimization for SEO - 8 Must Know Tips | ImageKit

When Google crawls your web page, it also looks for the keywords in your image file name.For example, in above image, using “Moto G5s Plus… Read More
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Why does local search matter in SEO? It helps you connect to potential customers or clients in your direct area. This is especially helpful for those that have a storefront or provide a service in person. In that case, your target audience is truly those in your immediate area! So how do you work on your local SEO? Genius Ecommerce says, "There are three key factors: how close you are to the location of the searcher, how relevant you are to the search query and what other customers are saying about your products or services." Some strategies are to include your location throughout your website and post on Google My Business. 

Why is Local Search and SEO Important? - Genius Ecommerce

Local SEO is search engine optimization that helps promote products and services on a local level to customers in your area that are actively looking… Read More
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Do you have all these SEO basics covered? Always make sure you have these basic SEO techniques working properly. First, make sure your website is secure! You don't want site visitors getting an alert that they might be going to a website that is not secure because they might turn back and find a different website. It should also load quickly on both desktop and mobile. Check that every page has an H1 tag, then add H2-H4 tags. Ink and Quill said, "Each page has one H1 tag, but it can have multiple H2–H4 tags. As a reader, you’ll see these tags as bigger, bolder headers that separate blocks of text. So they work to help drive eyes through your content as well as to tell Google what your pages are about." Finally, update your website frequently with fresh content! 

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Once you have put some work into optimizing your website, move on to some off-page SEO techniques. What is off-page SEO? SEO basics defined it as, "Off-page SEO can be divided into few parts like link building, social media activities, e-mail outreaching, branding, influence marketing, blogging etc." You can make an impact on your website's performance by blog commenting, guest posting, video marketing, and PDF sharing. Click the link for more off-page SEO techniques you can utilize in 2019!

Off-Page SEO Techniques to Drive Traffic in 2019 - SEO Basics

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Which types of content work best for local SEO? Search Engine Journal has a list of a few great options, one of which is landing pages! It's often a good idea to create a landing page on your website for each of your locations, or a state/regional page when applicable. FAQ pages are also great for local SEO and can sometimes  even get you a featured snippet of Google! Have you ever tried creating "locals only" specials for your business? Search Engine Journal says, "By offering a location-specific discount, you’re appealing to your local audience. You’re making them feel special." Finally, local event content on your website is a fantastic way to try and improve your local SEO. 

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SEO is evolving to include the new ways people are searching for information. There has been a rise in tools like voice search or Google Discover - so how do you adapt your technique? Google has reported that 20% of mobile searches are by voice, so in that case it's vital to be one of the top results. A conversational writing style on your blog page can help you optimize for voice search results. Google Discover aims to get content to people before they even search for it by guessing what they will search! Practical Ecommerce recommends, "To optimize for Discover, an ecommerce company should tap into its content marketing strategy. Use evergreen informational content such as guides and how-tos, as well as fresh, high-quality content." 

SEO in 2019 Is More Than Blue Text Links | Practical Ecommerce

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Once you have the basics down you can dig a little deeper into SEO. Here are some more advanced techniques to try! First, make sure your site is optimized for mobile and that your load speed is up to par. You can also use Google's CrUX report for "field data," click the link to learn more! Definitely utilize Google's My Business for ranking and use link-less brand mentions. Also, take the time to really learn Google's new Search Console.  Finally, be creative when managing link building - try creating your own key phrase! Make 2019 your best year yet for SEO!

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What is the difference between a head keyword and a long tail keyword? Yoast says, "The head keyword is a general term lots of people write about. A long tail keyword is a more specific topic or a subtopic of the head term." Long tail keywords are great when trying to reach a specific audience. Once you narrow down and find the perfect niche for your business long tail keywords can help you rank well within it. Conversions are often higher when you reach a niche audience as well! Using a healthy mix of head keywords and long tail keywords is a winning strategy!

SEO basics: What are long tail keywords? • Yoast

A long tail keyword is a more specific topic or a subtopic of the head term.An examples of a long tail keyword could be: [educational… Read More
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What tactics should you use to rank better in Canada? Synmek said, "Every local area in Canada has their specific business directories associated with it. It is a good idea to find all of those opportunities for being listed in these directories and make sure you get listed in all of them. This can help to boost your site rankings because it helps Google to see that you are there and that you are a real business." Also, no matter where you are make sure your website is mobile friendly and that your load speed is up to par. Click the link for more great tips!

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

When it comes to optimizing an Ecommerce store, there is a lot to consider! Alexa has a comprehensive checklist of 40 things you should look into when optimizing your online store. First on the list is a mobile friendly, responsive site because it's very possible your site is being visited more on mobile than desktop! Also, check your page loading speed and start using Google Analytics. It's also very important that you know your target audience inside and out. "Begin to get to know your audience by creating a buyer persona that dives deep into the demographic and psychographic details of your ideal audience. Knowing these details will help you identify the keywords most likely to attract your target buyers." Click the link for the whole checklist. 

Ecommerce SEO: A 40-Point Checklist to Optimize Your Online Store - Alexa Blog

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There are a few SEO techniques that can help tremendously when starting your business. We say it all the time, but it is incredibly important to remember that quality content comes first. "Google pays attention to such things as the relevance and quality of your content, and rewards websites that are regularly updates with quality content, above websites that aren’t." Don't try to trick the system by overloading your content with keywords - it won't work. Outsourcing to the professionals is a great idea, especially because SEO can be really time-intensive. Finally, remember to stay updated because Google is constantly changing their algorithms and standards. 

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