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SEO is constantly changing, so if you're still using these outdated tactics it's time to revamp your strategy! Focusing on keywords over engagement is a common mistake, loading your page with keywords is no longer the best option. Torque said, "Google is making a big push toward tracking user engagement and employing that information for ranking pages." Exact match domains are also outdated, and can make your page look less trustworthy. Staying away from spam commenting or spam appearances and building your reputation as a trustworthy, legitimate website is the best SEO choice!

5 SEO Tactics That No Longer Work and That You Need to Retire

10 Voice Search SEO Tips to Boost Your Site’s Rankings & Organic Traffic

Search engines have evolved since their early days of the 1990s. No longer are users forced to type their query into a search box. Thanks to voice search, users can...
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Search engine optimization can be a learning process, but you can learn from mistakes others have made! Keyword research is one place you can go wrong. Take your time to get it right! Best in AU said, "It shouldn't be rushed and needs to be flexible, meaning you can change your list at any time. You need to have a solid mix of competitive and non-competitive keywords, as well as hort and long-tail keywords." Once you have your keywords pay attention to the technical SEO. This tends to be something that gets overlooked or pushed off, but it's very important! Finally, don't get sucked into keyword stuffing, it doesn't work anymore!

5 of the Most Basic SEO Mistakes People Still Make

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How to Outrank Your Competitors on Google and Dominate the SERPs

With Google accounting for more than 90 percent of the global search engine market, according to StatCounter, it's essential that you optimize your business's website to rank high in Google's...
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Mobile-first indexing has been a huge change in the SEO world, so make sure your mobile site is in tip-top shape! Google has prioritized mobile, which means your mobile site is the one that will primarily be crawled and indexed. However, your desktop site will still be taken into consideration. Digital Branding Institute said, "Your desktop site will still be indexed if you do not have a mobile site or your mobile site does not reflect your SEO strategy. However, your rank will likely fall as mobile-friendly sites rise, meaning that fewer and fewer people will see your content when they make search queries." Click the link for some steps you can take to optimize your website for mobile!

What Google’s “Mobile-First Indexing” Update Means for Your SEO Strategy – Digital Branding
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The ecommerce industry holds so much potential to reap the benefits of search engine optimization. It's all about driving traffic to your site to make a sale. First on your list should be to work on your "EAT score" - Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Product videos and quality customer reviews can also go a long way in gaining customer trust and should be included on your site if possible. Overall they said, "If you look at all the successful ecommerce brands out there (aside from Amazon and eBay), the biggest common thread is that they produce and distribute stellar content." 

5 Ways Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content Marketing

Using video across the entire scope of your ecommerce content marketing plan does a lot to solidify your brand voice and values, as well as… Read More

What's new in Ecommerce SEO? One big change is in voice search. This means that focusing on natural language will help you when people are searching using Alexa or Siri. Mobile shopping is also skyrocketing, so make sure your checkout process on mobile devices is seamless! Don't slack on user experience either. Testomato said, "A lower bounce rate will help your rankings, so keeping people on your site by providing them with a good experience is essential. Customer retention is the name of the game." SEO is essential for Ecommerce, so stay on top of these trends to stay on top of your game!

Why Ecommerce SEO Is Changing — And How to Stay Ahead - Testomato Blog

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What Is Google AMP and How Will Affect Your Website’s Traffic?

More than 25 million websites feature Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Initially launched by Google in February 2016, it's become an increasingly popular framework for creating fast, mobile-friendly website content. A...
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Here is a great list from the users and readers at Quora on the best advanced SEO tactics to use for maximum search engine rankings and visibility. Keep in mind that SEO is about helping users solve the problem or search query that they have using content then making sure your website performs well technically (loads fast and is mobile friendly). Read more for a list of specific tactics and recommendations.  

What are the advanced techniques of off-page SEO in 2018?

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7 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority (DA) and Achieve Higher Search Rankings

What's your website's Domain Authority (DA)? While most webmasters are familiar with performance metrics like Alexa Traffic Rank, bounce rate and exit rate, many have never heard of DA. Invented...
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To outrank the competition, focus on producing unique, quality content. Search Engine People said, "Trying to force your way to the top of the search results is exhausting and expensive. It's easy to get hung up on strategies like link building, anchor text, and alt tags." Instead, stay current with Google's preferences and algorithms. Produce quality content so people will spend more time on your site, keep coming back, share your content, and recommend it to others. Those are great ways to get ahead without getting bogged down in the tiny details.

How To Dominate Your Niche By Using SEO Judo

Being an online entrepreneur often comes with the determination to dominate your niche. Expertise, experience, and a keen ability to research greatly contribute to this… Read More
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Redesigns are part of life when you work in Ecommerce. The internet is always changing, and you should be too if you want to keep up! When you do redesign, speaking to an SEO expert is always a good idea. Search Engine Journal said, "Redesigns can result in throwing away SEO authority and dumping search traffic. SEO should be a consideration throughout the redesign process from beginning to end." Definitely make sure your content is matching up between the old site and the new so that everything lines up! Click the link for a more in depth checklist.

Ecommerce Website Redesign: A Technical SEO Checklist

Communication between SEO professionals and developers is extremely important. SEO should be a consideration throughout the redesign process from beginning to end. Read More
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Do you want to start an ecommerce business? Here are a few things Entrepreneur thinks you should know first! After you decide what it is you want to sell, start with registering as an LLP and creating a business bank account. Then, pay careful attention to terms and conditions. "An e-commerce business needs to define clear ground rules for refunds, warranties with their customers for an efficient customer relationship and as a safeguard to disclaim all liability to the customers on part of the e-commerce businesses." Click the link for more technical and legal advice on getting started!

Ten Things You Need to Know to About Starting Your Own E-commerce Business

E-commerce is estimated to grow to $850 billion by 2020 in India and has been forecasted to grow the fastest in the Asia-Pacific region. A… Read More
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The Ecommerce world is changing and evolving quickly, so here are some notable trends to keep you in the loop! First of all, if your business lends itself to Ecommerce and you have not made the jump yet, what are you waiting for? The industry is growing rapidly and more people are choosing to shop online! Make sure you do it in time for the holidays, too. "Ecommerce sales were at their highest between 4 and 5pm on Black Friday and 8 and 9pm on Cyber Monday."

Trends in Ecommerce and What They Mean for Your Business

SaleCycle recently released their report on 2017 Ecommerce statistics and it sheds an interesting light on the growth of online shopping. Here are just a… Read More
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Website navigation and SEO content creation can require a lot of collaboration and communication between many departments. Before you embark on this journey, create a plan for yourself to stay organize and communicate clearly. Practical Ecommerce recommends starting with the basics. They said, "Identify the SEO goals and objectives. Specify the high-level conditions that need to be met, such as ensuring that the header navigation is crawlable and indexable." Then, decide who needs to be included from each department and what role they will have. Make sure you don't stop once the plan is in place - continue to follow up on progress and accountability because consistency is key!

SEO: Driving Cross-functional Projects

Identify the SEO goals and objectives. Specify the high-level conditions that need to be met, such as ensuring that the header navigation is crawlable and… Read More
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Ecommerce is a promising and growing industry! If you're asking yourself what it takes to get a job in this field, here is some great information! Before jumping right into looking for open positions, take the time to define the skills you would like to use in your job. Then, start to research companies you are interested in working for! Once you have that narrowed down, start to look for jobs and market yourself. Practical Ecommerce said, "Write articles related to the job you want. If you want to be an ecommerce logistics manager, describe your zone skipping ideas in an article on LinkedIn, Medium, or your own blog."

How to Land a Great Ecommerce Job

Everyone's priorities are different. Every company is different. As evidence of this, career "experts" contradict each other all the time. Some advice will fit you;… Read More
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You might not be paying attention to your page speed, but Google is! It's also becoming a factor for mobile SEO as of July 2018. Forbes said, "While there are hundreds of factors that determine how high a site ranks in Google's search results, ensuring that your site loads quickly creates a strong foundation for you to build content and grow your organic traffic." Don't let details like this fall to the side and take away from all the great work done on your website!

How To Optimize Page Speed To Master SEO

The following are some basic tools and guidelines to get you started on building a faster website that ranks higher and provides a better user… Read More
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Search Engine Optimization is valuable for businesses. Don't believe me? The Marketing Profs put together some statistics to prove it! They said, "SEO is 85% more likely to drive website traffic to your site than PPC (pay per click) advertising." Also, relevant content creation and keyword research have the biggest effect on SEO success. "76% of companies execute all or part of their SEO tactics using external resources, as creating relevant content and link building are difficult and time consuming." That's why we created our content platform, to help companies and brands create more quality content efficiently.

13 Statistics That Prove the Value of SEO

The good news: Four out of five marketing influencers (81%) describe their SEO strategy as successful, and SEO is 85% more likely to drive website… Read More
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If you see articles coming out about SEO being dead, don't fall for it! People have been publishing those articles for years, SEO is as important as ever. Neil Patel said, "The Internet has gone through several iterations over the past 30 years, and while SEO tactics have certainly changed, as long as search engines exist, ranking in them will be important." So, take it seriously! Ranking well in search engines can make a big difference for the visibility and success of your business. Check out the link for some great infographics depicting how important SEO truly is!

Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO dead? Just asking the question makes me cringe. Or smirk. Or cry. I don't even know anymore. Read More
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With SEO for E-commerce, it is important to focus on long-tail keywords. Search Engine Land said, "Many SEOs are still under the impression that long-tail keywords are simply longer keyword phrases, or keyword variations listed at the bottom of your keyword tools when you sort through traffic." Long tail keywords typically indicate that someone is searching with high intent making them a very valuable visitor to your website. At Cureight, we use keyword data from Google's Search Console to find those long tail keywords that help your content rank higher while converting more traffic into customers. 

How to build an e-commerce SEO strategy for large retailers

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Are you under the impression that if you break any of Google's guidelines your ranking will suffer? Those are actually pretty common misconceptions about local SEO. Search Engine Land says while you could get a soft suspension or suspension for breaking guidelines, "What does not exist is some type of algorithmic method Google uses to diminish the ranking of listings that violate their guidelines. Google does this for organic search (manual penalties), but not for the local results." Click the link for more information about common misconceptions. You might be surprised!

5 local SEO myths and misconceptions that Will. Not. Die.

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