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Instagram might not seem like the best tool for B2B marketing since it reaches individual users, but with the right strategy it can be successful! Social Media Examiner said, "With only 30% of B2B companies leveraging Instagram for content marketing, there’s plenty of room to stand out and reach your audience. While Instagram isn’t a sales-driving channel for B2Bs, it can help you strengthen your brand image and awareness." Use this platform to share your expertise, become a thought leader, and grow your reputation!

B2B Instagram Content: Tips and Tools for Marketers

Social Media Marketing Industry Report In our 10th annual social media study (44 pages, 70+ charts) of 5700+ marketers, you'll discover which social networks marketers… Read More
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How do you increase engagement on a Facebook business page? Social Media Examiner has a list of 13 ways to do just that. Find ways to connect with your audience and build two-way communication. Try collecting questions for an AMA, a comment contest, or share photos your audience has taken! Openly asking for feedback is a great way to both increase engagement and learn about your audience. Social media users value transparency, so try sharing a behind-the-scenes fact or photo. The Social Media Examiner wisely said, "Sharing Facebook posts that discuss what’s happening in your audience’s world is a great way to encourage responses. This lets you join in the conversations that people are already having, so your presence becomes more like that of a friend than an entity that’s trying to sell." 

13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

While this veterinary group’s Facebook page has fewer than 1,000 likes, sharing useful and timely information about an outbreak of parvovirus helped this post generate… Read More
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Have you ever heard of YouTube SEO? It's not actually related to your rankings on Google. YouTube SEO is about taking steps to have your video rank higher on YouTube's website or app! Some things YouTube uses to rank videos are video views, watch time, search keyword matching to the title of the video, shorter titles with keyword-rich descriptions, keyword tags, and specific video lengths. The video length one is particularly interesting because you can choose what you want to optimize for. Moz reported, "10 to 16 minutes in length tend to do best in the rankings. Under two minutes in length tend to be very disliked by YouTube's audience. They don't perform well. Four to six minutes get the most views." Keep these things in mind when posting to YouTube!

YouTube SEO: Top Factors to Invest In - Whiteboard Friday

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Do you want to open up an Instagram page for your business? Let's start from the beginning. This link will walk you through the steps of creating a profile and setting it up. It contains everything you need to know about notifications, uploading photos, tagging others, and using the story feature. Hubspot said, "It's a phenomenal platform for investigating what other brands are doing -- for instance, Nike uses the Instagram Stories feature to promote inspirational athlete stories you won't find anywhere else." Once you're all set up, learn more by checking out our other blog posts about growing a following and how to tailor your account for your business! 

How to Use Instagram: A Beginner's Guide

When you post an image to Instagram, you have the option to share it on other social media accounts, like your Facebook or Twitter.Instagram's Stories… Read More
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Have you noticed that YouTube videos are getting longer and longer? There's a reason for that! Ad revenue! Wired reported, "As a new study from the Pew Research Center demonstrates, YouTube has been quietly shifting its recommendation system to reward lengthy videos." Possibly in response to this, longer content is being created. Makeup tutorial videos are getting longer, and there have been series-like projects with episodes that are 45 minutes. YouTube is, in some respects, evolving into an entertainment network rather than a platform for short clips. 

YouTube Videos Keep Getting Longer to Drive Ad Revenue

“YouTube has never wanted to be the place of the 30-second video, even though many people still assume one to five minutes is the norm,”… Read More
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Not sure where to start on a twitter page? The first thing to remember once you set up your profile is that Twitter is a little different than many other social platforms. Twitter revolves around interaction and if you want to succeed you need to interact with other profiles often. Sproutsocial recommends that you, "Make at least 30-40% of your Tweets replies to other people," and, "When Tweeting links, add a line of your own insight to spark conversation." Keep up with popular hashtags and find a way to relate them back to your company. If your brand has a sense of humor, Twitter is a great place to utilize that like these brands do!

The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing

With over 313 million monthly active users and a young demographic to boot, Twitter is a great platform for most marketers. Starting up a Twitter… Read More
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An ad for a scary movie was just pulled from YouTube - for being too terrifying! This is resulting in great marketing for the movie even though the ad was pulled. The Verge reported, "YouTube has removed an ad for The Nun, an upcoming horror film, for violating its 'violent and shocking content' policy. As reported by Polygon, the unskippable ad was so upsetting that a tweet warning users against it went viral, racking up more than 135,000 retweets." Everyone is talking about it, which was the goal in the first place! It may have been reached in a different way than planned, but it's definitely working.

YouTube just gave The Nun the best viral marketing campaign it could hope for

YouTube has removed an ad for The Nun, an upcoming horror film, for violating its "violent and shocking content" policy. As reported by Polygon, the… Read More
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Pinterest is becoming a very valuable tool for ecommerce and reaching new audiences.  While much of its base is still very product based, even some businesses that market services are using the tool to reach new audiences. Smart Brief said, "With a platform that more closely resembles Google than it does a social feed, Pinterest has completely changed how consumers shop online. Pair this with content longevity and advanced reporting capabilities, and it's easy to see why so many marketers are turning to Pinterest to reach today's consumers." If you aren't using Pinterest, how could it work for you? What kinds of interesting, shareable images would represent your business and your brand well?

Why brands should pin their hopes on Pinterest

As a result of the platform’s rapid growth and investment in brand-creator relationships, creators are prioritizing Pinterest over other platforms. Here are some of the… Read More
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In case you didn't know, Facebook is making some changes to its mobile platform and you should take note! There are new options for businesses to promote locally. Marketing Land said, "For the redesigned mobile Pages, Facebook is giving more prominence to Recommendations and including Stories that can be viewed by tapping on the business Pages profile photo." If you haven't in a while, now is the time to make sure all the information on your page is accurate such as your hours of operation. Since recommendations are being featured more, it's a good idea to stay on top of them and make sure your ratings are doing well.

Facebook adds Stories, action buttons & more to redesigned mobile Pages

For the redesigned mobile Pages, Facebook is giving more prominence to Recommendations and including Stories that can be viewed by tapping on the business Pages… Read More
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Facebook was down for a few hours this week, and the internet did not know what to do with itself. Comicbook reported, "Users around the world attempted to log in today only to discover that the services weren't just being slow or finicky. They're in a full-fledged outage. So, what do you do when Facebook is down?" The answer, of course, was to head over to the social media platform that wasn't down - Twitter - and joke about it! Click the link for some funny reactions to the outage. Hopefully it won't be down too long!

Facebook Is Down but the Twitter Reactions Are Hilarious

No, the apocalypse is not upon us though it may feel that way if you're a regular user of Facebook, Instagram, and a few other… Read More
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The first thing visitors see when they click on your Instagram profile is your profile picture and your bio. Do they accurately represent your brand and the message you want to portray? Business 2 Community says, "It needs to quickly and clearly explain what you're all about so that you gain as many relevant followers as possible." Emojis are also a good idea because they draw the eye and some attention, but don't overdo it and risk looking tacky. Include important information so potential customers or clients can contact you easily or find out what time your store opens.

12 Steps to Optimize Your Instagram Profile for Business

The volume of business profiles already out there shouldn't be off-putting - it shows that Instagram is a rapidly expanding marketing platform with proven results… Read More
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Jayson Demers provides great insight into the harsh new realities around social marketing today. As organic reach decreases and competition increases it is getting harder for companies and brands to generate a positive ROI from their efforts. Here are 7 truths that Jayson does a great job identifying.  


7 Hard Truths About Social Media Marketing

You’ve likely heard that social media has the potential to help you multiply your revenue, far in excess of what you spent over the course… Read More