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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Have you ever heard of YouTube SEO? It's not actually related to your rankings on Google. YouTube SEO is about taking steps to have your video rank higher on YouTube's website or app! Some things YouTube uses to rank videos are video views, watch time, search keyword matching to the title of the video, shorter titles with keyword-rich descriptions, keyword tags, and specific video lengths. The video length one is particularly interesting because you can choose what you want to optimize for. Moz reported, "10 to 16 minutes in length tend to do best in the rankings. Under two minutes in length tend to be very disliked by YouTube's audience. They don't perform well. Four to six minutes get the most views." Keep these things in mind when posting to YouTube!

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Have you noticed that YouTube videos are getting longer and longer? There's a reason for that! Ad revenue! Wired reported, "As a new study from the Pew Research Center demonstrates, YouTube has been quietly shifting its recommendation system to reward lengthy videos." Possibly in response to this, longer content is being created. Makeup tutorial videos are getting longer, and there have been series-like projects with episodes that are 45 minutes. YouTube is, in some respects, evolving into an entertainment network rather than a platform for short clips. 

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

An ad for a scary movie was just pulled from YouTube - for being too terrifying! This is resulting in great marketing for the movie even though the ad was pulled. The Verge reported, "YouTube has removed an ad for The Nun, an upcoming horror film, for violating its 'violent and shocking content' policy. As reported by Polygon, the unskippable ad was so upsetting that a tweet warning users against it went viral, racking up more than 135,000 retweets." Everyone is talking about it, which was the goal in the first place! It may have been reached in a different way than planned, but it's definitely working.

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