Getting content approved

Content creation is fantastic! But it can sometimes get bogged down in the details and the process.

First, figure out how your client ticks. They have other things to worry about, so find the best way to tap into what works for them! For example, we created a tool with a simple approval process that's easy to use. 

Also, make sure you have more than one contact for your clients. Does the approval person have a receptionist? Assistant? THey may be able to help.

Finally, as Search Engine Journal said, "If nothing is working, just ask! You’d be surprised what you can learn from asking plainly why they’re not approving content."

10 Tips to Get Your Content Reviewed & Approved Faster

Identify a Point Person
Content developers often benefit from a “man on the inside” – a point person at your client’s organization who can help push your drafts across the finish line.Here are some things I’ve learned upon doing that in the past:
The client has been “burned before”:

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

What to all the best blogs have in common? The Content Marketing Institute went to find out.

They said, "Despite the challenges, brands and individuals have managed to engineer considerable success through carefully planned content strategies that owe just as much to data analytics, SEO, and UX as the desire for creative expression."

Simple navigation and a unique voice seem to be two of the most important factors. Some blogs have been able to establish themselves in saturated markets by really getting to know their target audience. 

Click the link for more great tips on how you can stand out!

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Remember, Google’s search engine crawlers aren’t ranking your blog posts based on style and focus of the content.If you’re running a sports blog that’s primarily about basketball but recently branched out into baseball, then Google will give less importance to [...]
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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

Content doesn't have to work for you just once. It can work for you again and again! Here are some ways you could re-purpose those old blog posts.

You could take statistics from them and make a new infographic if the numbers are still relevant! You could also put them together to create an ebook. The best parks of them could be used on your social media channels or the content could be used for a podcast.

If the blog inspires you, write a spin off post! It could be about one topic from the article or refer back to it about how things have changed since that blog post was written.

As Marketing Insider Group said, "One single blog post can be repurposed into a variety of different formats and uses that can help you to widen your audience, improve your brand visibility, and even boost conversions."

6 Ideas for Repurposing Blog Content | Marketing Insider Group
Reworking your blog posts into another format can take quite a bit of time and effort, but there’s also a way of repurposing your content that takes practically no time at all.This content will be brand new to more recent [...]
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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Clickbait is a buzzword in the digital marketing space - but what does it really mean? To most, it's a negative term that has come to mean tricking someone to click on your page with a misleading title. However, the Content Marketing Institute reported, “While we often view clickbait negatively because it is associated with fake news and online hucksters, if your company has a solid product that can actually help consumers, getting people to your site by hook or crook isn’t such a bad thing.” Truthfully, your headline SHOULD spark interest and curiosity and "bait" people to click on your article! Just make sure you have relevant quality content for them once they click!

Shouldn’t Every Piece of Content Be Clickbait?
David Ambrogio, SEO and content strategist at Online Optimism, offers a definition that touches on what the word clickbait connotes for many people – “any content with sensationalist headlines used to encourage clicks or drive ad revenue.”This one, 7 Stories [...]
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