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Google search console is going to add a helpful new feature

Have you seen the new tab in Google Search Console titled Security Issues? If not, check it out! Google will now warn you if they see anything harmful on your website. 

Search Engine Journal reported, "Within this tab, Search Console will notify webmasters about anything on their site that prompts Google Chrome to display a warning to visitors."

Possible issues include hacks, malware, harmful downloads, and more. 

If yours says, "No issues detected, " you're all set!


Google Search Console to Alert Users About Site Hacks and Malware - Search Engine Journal

Google added a ‘Security Issues’ tab in Search Console that will report on harmful activities like site hacks and malware.Possible security issues may include:
Harmful downloads
Uncommon downloads
Deceptive pages
Unclear mobile billing

Search Console will also provide info

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Monica PiccininnoDirector of Operations

It's official - not every feature from the old search console will make it over to the new search console. Search Engine Roundtable reported, "John [Mueller] listed one example, the crawl errors section will be going away because it is not useful. Google also might do away with reports that third-party tools have and are redundant to what Google offers." Click the link to see the video of the webmaster hangout where Mueller discusses what the Search Console team is currently working in. What features do you definitely want to see in the new version? 

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Google Search Console is changing this week. SEO Roundtable reported, "Google has posted the date of December 13, 2018 as the date they will be removing some of the old Google Search Console reports. The reports are already replaced by similar reports in the new Google Search Console." On the list of things that will be changed is Search Analytics, Links to Your Site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, Mobile Usability, and Index Status. We will report back when the changes are made and continue to keep you updated!

Google Shutting Down Many Old Search Console Reports December 13th
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Hannah BrennerCureditor

Google has posted an update about search analytics. In Google Search Console it now says, "Important: This report will soon be replaced by the new Performance Report . Please update your links to point to the new report." What does this mean? According to John Mueller, there will be a replacement report and it will contain all of the information you've been using already, presumably just in a different format. There is no official release date yet, but we will let you know when the changes happen!

Google Search Console To Replace Search Analytics With Performance Report
Google has posted an important notice in Google Search Console, above the Search Analytics report that it will "soon be replaced" by the new Performance report within the new Google Search Console.Google is not going to give us a date [...]
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