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How Pinterest can contribute to your online presence

Pinterest is becoming a very valuable tool for ecommerce and reaching new audiences.  While much of its base is still very product based, even some businesses that market services are using the tool to reach new audiences. Smart Brief said, "With a platform that more closely resembles Google than it does a social feed, Pinterest has completely changed how consumers shop online. Pair this with content longevity and advanced reporting capabilities, and it's easy to see why so many marketers are turning to Pinterest to reach today's consumers." If you aren't using Pinterest, how could it work for you? What kinds of interesting, shareable images would represent your business and your brand well?

Why brands should pin their hopes on Pinterest

As a result of the platform’s rapid growth and investment in brand-creator relationships, creators are prioritizing Pinterest over other platforms. Here are some of the other benefits that the platform provides to brands and creators alike:

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Hannah BrennerCureditor

How do you make a great pin?

First, learn from others! The pins that show up on your feed are obviously seeing some success - what are they doing right?

Also, when you do get a successful pin learn from it! Do some digging and find out what your most successful pins have in common, then create more content like it!

You don't have to stick to a specific "brand" on your page or post a certain number of times a day, pin as much as you want! Marketing Artfully said, "Back in the day, like 2012, there was a right-ish ratio of pinning. Pinterest was more concerned with you having curated boards and sharing. But now they are more pin/subject based and want to have as many great pins available for their users as possible."

Happy pinning!

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