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How you can utilize content curation blogs as a reader

There is a lot of content out there in the world today. Some people find themselves overwhelmed with professional networking and staying on top of current topics. Others completely miss the new information and find themselves falling behind. This is a great opportunity to utilize a content curation blog. Content curators will go through all the content funneling through, find the best articles, and summarize them for you! This makes staying current easier and more time efficient. If you're more of a visual learner, check out the video in the link that explains this!

Content curation for learning - in less than 3 minutes

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Ready to start curating? Here are five steps to take! First, decide on the content. How much will you curate to stay balanced with your original content? Then decide on the categories you want to curate for based on keyword research. The next important step to take is to thoroughly research sources. Which ones align best with your brand message? Are they reliable? Then, figure out where you will share your content and continuously analyze your traffic results! Mia Liana said, "In summary, curating content for your enterprise blog boils down to understanding your audience, using the right tools and strategies and constantly analyzing your results."

5 Steps To Curating Content For Your Business Blog

This gives you future insights to re-strategize your blogging efforts towards the type of content that resonates best with your audience.In summary, curating content for your enterprise blog boils down to understanding your audience, using the right tools and strategies [...]
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Consistent, regular content is great for your brand and for SEO. A common question is - if a competitor writes a great article, should I curate it? Web Designer Depot argues that you should. They said, "If you truly believe in your own product/service, that’s a hell of a power move. If your competitors respond in kind, that could be the start of some lovely cross-promotion." What do you think - could you benefit from curating a competitor's content? What would you think if they curated yours? Confidence in yourself and your business can certainly go a long way. 

5 Tips for Using Curation as a Content Strategy | Webdesigner Depot

You want to post links to things that other people have created that directly relate to your industry, product, and/or general subject matter.Heck, link to content on your direct competitors’ sites, if they’ve made something good.
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In a perfect world there would be an abundance of created content for your blog, but most of the time that just isn't possible. Creating large amounts of custom blog posts is expensive and time consuming, not to mention difficult to keep up with during the busiest times of the year. Content curation is a great way to consistently add quality content to your website, especially when it is supplemented with created content. Forbes says it is all about finding a balance. "For larger organizations or those that require many layers of approvals before content can be shared on behalf of the company, curation often makes the most sense. That said, you should always create some of your own content, even if it's only a blog post or two per month."

How To Use Content Curation The Right Way

Content curation is one of the most misinterpreted tactics in marketing. Most organizations curate content in some form or another, but very few do it correctly. Before you put time and resources into content curation, be sure it is a [...]
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