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Utilizing Google Analytics

When trying to connect with your customers, your value proposition should line up with what your customers respond to. You can actually use Google Analytics to help you fine tune that. Practical Ecommerce said, "Data from Google Analytics can be enlightening. It may confirm that the company’s customers align with the value proposition, but it may also identify reasons to adjust strategy." Look up your target demographics and measure how your value prop lines up. Click the link for more detailed information on how to use these analytics to your advantage and learn from them!

Use Google Analytics to Fine-tune Your Value Proposition

Niche ecommerce companies should focus on their value proposition. Fellow contributor Pamela Hazelton provides excellent advice on the subject in Value Propositions Increase Interest and Sales. I will add one point to her article: The value proposition should address a sustainable competitive advant

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Are you getting the most out of Google Analytics? Here are a few ways you could be learning more from Google's tool!

First, use Google Analytics to see how your content is performing and check out the bounce rate. As Forbes said, "Many times you can tell right away if your targeting or messaging is off or if the landing page is failing to convert, simply by seeing how much of the traffic from a paid source immediately bounces out."

Traffic and lead origins are also very important. You could also see if any companies are visiting your website and which ones. 

For even more ways you could be using Google Analytics, check out the article linked from Forbes!

14 Key Functions Of Google Analytics Agencies Should Be Using

Use Google Analytics Organic Search data as a guide map when promoting your agency on social and building marketing materials.Create Audience Segments By using the Segments feature within Google Analytics you can learn a lot more about very specific audiences, including [...]
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If you have never used Google Analytics before, we're here to give you a quick overview! Google Analytics is a great tool for SEO and can help you learn more about how your website and content are performing. After you sign up, get your tracking ID and take it over to Wordpress. Then you can install the Google Analytics plugin and get your access code. After that you will be able to utilize the analytics like seeing what is happening with your website in real time, learning about your audience, information about acquisition, and the all-important conversions. Happy analyzing!

How to use Google Analytics Tool for eCommerce Website

Google Analytics is a free Web Analytics Service that provides Statistics to Measure, Report, and Analyse of your eCommerce Website.The Audience Report includes  Sessions, Users, Pageviews, Pages per Session, Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Active Users New Users Finally, I have [...]
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