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What is a “sticky” idea and how does it relate to viral videos?

A pair of brothers think they found the best formula for making viral content. The Heath brothers say there are six factors to making a content what they call "sticky." 

To be sticky the content has to be simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and story-driven. Hubspot said, "They compete against an endless supply of videos all screaming for attention, but they can slice through the clutter, resonate emotionally with viewers, and are actually considered valuable pieces of content."

Click the link to see some videos of this technique in action!

The Psychology Behind Viral Marketing Videos

Despite an airtime of almost five minutes and an onslaught of gags and jokes, NERD Skincare stays laser-focused on a single, straightforward message throughout the entire video: the idea that their treatment arms your body’s good bacteria to kill off your body’s acne bacteria.By including clever

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Marketing and psychology are deeply connected, and marketers can learn a lot from studies that have been conducted! 

For example, Regan’s Reciprocity Experiment showed us that, "If you provide something of value to your customers or your website visitors, they will be far more likely to provide you with their business in return."

Kahneman’s Framing Experiment taught us that context is really important and Zajonc’s Mere Exposure Study proved the power of brand exposure. There's a reason those Superbowl ad slots are so expensive!

What psychology have you used in your marketing strategies?

6 Psychology Studies with Marketing Implications
In a key experiment, Tverksy and Kahneman split participants into two groups and asked them to choose between two treatments for 600 people infected with a deadly disease.The more social proof you can attach to your website and to your [...]
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Why market free shipping? There are psychological reasons why free shipping is a good idea and they have to do with retention. Jeff Bullas said, "Free shipping is a great incentive for acquiring new customers as well as retaining old ones. It can go a long way to encourage your customers to remain loyal to your brand. And customer retention only comes from loyalty." It has also become an expectation due to large retailers like Amazon offering free, fast shipping. If you want to play into the psychology of keeping your customers around, consider offering free shipping!

The Psychology Of Free Shipping and How It Drives Customer Retention
No wonder their customers are willing to purchase Prime memberships that offer free shipping with same-day, 2-hour, or 2-day deliveries.Free shipping along with speedy delivery can help you sustain strong relationships with your customers.
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Sometimes, psychology is all in the numbers. Alt Creative said, "Like with color, numbers have their psychological meaning. As marketers, knowing the meaning behind a given number can go a long way to allow you to effectively market your brand." For example, the number one is often associated with first place, or it can be used for scarcity marketing. Seven is definitely the favorite number of many people and is even connected to some religions. Odd numbers are often considered masculine and even - feminine. Look around you at the numbers you see in the world - are they random or are they intentional? 

How to Harness the Psychology of Numbers in Marketing - Alt Creative
Scarcity marketing is another way you can use the number one.One of the best ways to use the number ten is in lists.
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