Our Content Curation Engine was created to help build your business using carefully curated content that converts an audience to customers. Our high-performance content engine plugs directly into your website allowing our team of Cureditors to seamlessly update your website using a variety of curated industry-specific content.


Our Content Curation Engine aggregates the most popular content from trusted websites around the world using relevant and popular keywords, #hashtags, @usernames and URL's. The result is fresh, relevant, curated content that supports your products and services while giving your brand top-of-mind awareness with your target audience.


Cureditors are highly-skilled content writers whose knowledge will transform your business into a relevant story. They are your behind-the-scenes team for the setup, optimization and the ongoing strategy of your curated content. With the option to approve all content before it goes live, or allow them to post on your behalf, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. Cureditors work diligently to ensure your desired number of posts are met and that every post aligns perfectly with your brand positioning and audience interests.


Your Google Analytics account is integrated with our Content Creation Engine for easy reporting and optimization. We provide you with a clear and accurate picture of your ROI, including which content is driving the most leads, post timing and scheduling, how engaged your users are with your content and much more. This information helps to maximize your web presence, build domain authority and evaluate the impact of traffic to your overall sales goals.


As your dedicated team we include:

  • Plug our curation engine directly into your website
  • Aggregate and curate the most popular content
  • Add brand context to every curated post
  • Provide frequent relevant blog updates
  • Optimize your curated posts for better performance
  • Assign a dedicated Cureditor to your blog
  • Integrate with your Google Analytics Account
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