November 19, 2021

SEO Strategies for 2022: What You Need to Know

Ten years ago, SEO and website optimization were pretty straightforward. If you just added some keywords and built a few backlinks, your site would rank pretty well.

Today, search engine algorithms are more complex than ever. Google is now considering an ever-increasing number of factors that determine where to place your page in search results. Essentially, the rules of the SEO game have changed. And if you want your website to rank higher in search results, it's time to make a few optimization changes to your site.

According to a study, 68% of all online activities begin with using a search engine. Further to this, 75% of users don’t look beyond the first page of search results. Knowing how to rank your website for the right keywords is more important now than ever.

Our highly experienced SEO experts have compiled a list of the top 7 SEO strategies to help you rank your website high up in search results in 2022. Below, we'll explore these strategies in more detail and review how the evolution of search engine algorithms will affect your SEO performance in 2022. If you follow these strategies closely, you'll be well on your way to higher rankings.

Keyword Intent

Even with all of Google's changes to its algorithm, keywords are still one of the most important SEO aspects. However, Google now gives search results higher priority based on their relevance to the user.

Optimizing your content for the correct intent has a direct effect on your search rankings. Make sure that you're using the keywords that people are searching for and directly answer the keyword intent with in-depth information. This doesn't mean excessively stuffing your article with keywords. Instead, you want to use the keyword when relevant and in context with the rest of your content to provide readers with the best possible answer to their keyword search.


A great article starts with an eyecatching title and includes well-written headings throughout. Keep your target keywords in mind and use them to create a compelling title that represents your content perfectly. Aim to include the main keyword(s) at the front of the title so search engines know what your post is about. This will help align your content with what people are searching for and with their search intent.


Headings aren’t only a great way to structure your content, but they also play an important role in SEO and usability. Include your keywords in the headings when it makes sense within the context to help readers jump to the sections that are important to them. By doing this throughout the content, you can even rank for other related keywords by using targeted headings throughout. Remember, don’t keyword stuff. Just write naturally and use keywords to structure your article with clear breaks.


Adding images to your blog posts can significantly improve SEO. Search engines crawl through the content of every page that they rank, and images are one of their favorite things. Add the primary keyword in the photo's name, caption, and alt attribute. This helps add relevance to the content, helps Google pick it up faster, and ranks higher in Google Image search results. Not to mention, your readers will likely find the content more engaging.

Internal & External Links

Links play a valuable role in SEO and can help with search engine rankings. When you link to another webpage, even if it's on the same domain, Google quickly picks up that connection.

Linking to your other website pages or blog posts is key. If you have content on a related topic, link them to one another. This will improve SEO because search engines will see this as relevant content instead of repetitive material. Similarly, external linking to helpful, non-competitive resources is a great way to optimize your content.

Your content should be a helpful resource to readers. Adding links can achieve this by pointing them to other pages that provide additional information that they aren’t directly looking for but find helpful.

As always, don't overdo it. Aim for at least 2 external links and 1 internal link. From there, only include links that are relevant and add to the value of your content.

Meta Descriptions

Optimizing meta descriptions can help you get more clicks, especially if they match a user's search terms. It's important to note that Google will only display the first 160 characters of a meta description.

The first part of your meta description (between 50-60 characters) should include your primary keywords. Try to use search terms that people are likely to input into Google to find your page. Be sure to craft a concise, compelling teaser that will attract clicks. The remainder of the description should be slightly longer, including the main idea of the article and a call to action.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are snippets of structured data that appear below your webpage's organic search results. When you use the right keywords for your content and include them in your opening paragraph, search engines will read that data and potentially display it above the rankings in Google’s Answer Box. This can help with rankings and clickthrough rates because the rich snippets convey information about what's on your page. In 2022, rich snippets will be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

What's Next?

We've covered the basics of SEO strategies for 2022. Proper keyword usage is still critically important, even with the new search engine algorithms and technological advancements. Google doesn't want to display spammy content or pages that are full of irrelevant information. Instead, they're looking for helpful articles that add value to their users' experiences.

SEO is all about creating valuable, meaningful content that gives your readers exactly what they want. The more you do this, the more relevant it’ll be to your users, the higher you'll rank, and the easier it’ll be to drive traffic to your website.

For many businesses, it's a challenge to find the time and expertise needed to grow their rankings. Cureight has a team of available SEO experts and professional writers who specialize in content strategy and search engine optimization so you can be front-and-center to those actively searching for what you offer.

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