May 29, 2020
Ryan Henry
Technical SEO at home

Are you looking for ways to stay busy and productive at home? 

Look no further than technical SEO. 

It's a task that is often pushed aside or put off, but it is incredibly important! Keep reading to learn two ways you can implement technical SEO while you are working from home. 

1. Double check the basics

When was the last time you updated your meta data or your links? 

It can be tedious, but once things start ramping back up you will have a lot less time. Take care of it now!

Check meta titles, descriptions, configuration files, and all those links.

Trust us, you will thank yourself later!

Once you have all that where you want it move onto the next step. 

2. Structured data

Did you know there is specific code for search engines? It's called structured data and it's something you can work on from home. 

Forbes said, "When you put in the work to identify specific components of your website, the search engines take notice. Both Bing and Google incorporate structured data into various sections of their search engine results pages (SERPs)."

Due to the time consuming nature of a project like structured data, it is a good idea to start now while you are working from home!

Keep yourself busy and productive with technical SEO so you can focus your attention on other things later this year. Take advantage of this odd time to set yourself up for success!