August 26, 2019
Hannah Brenner
The best Google Analytics tips on target audience

Are you reaching your target audience? You can find out on Google Analytics. Sometimes what you find might surprise you!

SERPSTAT said, "Usually the target audience is analyzed before creating a business, but if your sales are unstable in your operating company, take some time to portrait of your target audience."

If your business has been running for a while it's a good idea to check if the target audience you imagined matches your data. 

Take some time to explore the Audience section in Google Analytics. Check the bounce rate, the regions, and especially the interests of your website's users. Find out gender, age, and more. Then, refine your website and your marketing to cater to those users!

Is it time for you to take a step back and analyze?


How to analyze the target audience of your site with Google Analytics

To determine the target audience and to plan a sales strategy, use Google Analytics tools.First of all, evaluate your audience's: gender; age; geography; interests.

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