September 16, 2019
Hannah Brenner
The best place to start with keyword research

You'll see it everywhere in SEO tips – do keyword research! But, what does that mean? Where do you start?

One place to begin is by checking out competitor keywords. Content Writers suggested, "Take a look at the keywords, phrases, and queries your competitors rank for online. Compile lists of queries for each competitor and see how your content rankings compare."

You can also try to create articles based on questions your customers often ask! Instead of just one FAQ page, why not create a unique blog article for each question to answer it more in depth? 

Additionally, take a look at how seasonal trends in keywords and update your existing content. 

Keyword Research: Tools & Tactics for SEO Professionals

Once you compile a list of this content, it’s time to begin a few extra keyword research tasks: Using your own ranking content as inspiration can spark new ideas for keywords, topic clusters, and other resources you can use to rise up through the search results.Wit

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