September 21, 2018
Hannah Brenner
Marketing on Twitter

Not sure where to start on a twitter page? The first thing to remember once you set up your profile is that Twitter is a little different than many other social platforms. Twitter revolves around interaction and if you want to succeed you need to interact with other profiles often. Sproutsocial recommends that you, "Make at least 30-40% of your Tweets replies to other people," and, "When Tweeting links, add a line of your own insight to spark conversation." Keep up with popular hashtags and find a way to relate them back to your company. If your brand has a sense of humor, Twitter is a great place to utilize that like these brands do!

The Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing

With over 313 million monthly active users and a young demographic to boot, Twitter is a great platform for most marketers. Starting up a Twitter page for your company is easy. Anyone can come up with a Twitter handle, upload their profile photo, fill out their bio,

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