March 3, 2020
Ryan Henry
The difference between a Google core update and a regular update

There was some buzz this month about a Google core update.

Google has officially confirmed that was incorrect and there was not a core update in February. 

Here's what happened. 

Lots of SEO professionals noticed some changes in rankings. They started talking about how there must have been a core update causing those changes. 

Turns out that was not the case!

To combat all the confusion, Google spoke out to say that there were some updates but none of them were core updates. 

There's a difference between regular updates and core updates.

So here are the key differences.

Core updates

A core update is defined as a major event and some pretty serious changes are made to the algorithm Google uses to rank search results. 

Many of them have been "named" and are always reported on widely when they occur. 

However, not every update is a core update.

Other updates

These happen all the time!

Search Engine Journal said, "Whatever fluctuation was felt was due to the daily updates that happen all the time. Google performs updates to their algorithm every single day."

So, what people noticed did not fall under the category of a core update but there was still an impact. 

On Twitter, the Google Search Liaison account tweeted, "Some have asked if we had an update to Google Search last week. We did, actually several updates, just as we have several updates in any given week on a regular basis."

It's important to note that great content is always a constant across all the updates and changes.