September 18, 2019
Hannah Brenner
The latest advanced SEO techniques

Are you up to date with the latest in SEO?

One advanced technique is to create a hub and then go into further detail on multiple topics within that broad topic. For example, the hub for this blog post would be SEO News & Tips while the more detailed section is advanced SEO. We practice what we preach!

Building a brand is another strong way to work on your SEO. Two major aspects of creating a brand are consistency and content. 

Finally, don't just let your old content sit! Update it and refresh it to give it new life. This is a great technique that can be efficient and successful. 

Three Advanced SEO Tips for 2019 - SiteProNews

A common SEO tactic leveraged by many businesses is targeting long-tail keywords in their content.Step 1: Find the pages on your website that are ranking for keywords with decent search volume between the position of 10 to 20.

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