October 17, 2018
Hannah Brenner
SEO can get you ahead

Forbes reported a powerful statistic about search engine optimization and why it is so vital. They said, “With the front page of Google receiving 95% of all web traffic, while other pages receive 5% or even less, you really need your organization to rank as high as possible.” You can improve your strategy with diverse content, content that promotes your authority, and consistency. SEO/content creation software like ours can help tremendously with these goals. Long-form content is great for rankings and long tail keywords really make a difference. Finally, make sure your content is easy to read, not technical and complicated.

Thinking Outside The Branding Box: 10 Creative Ways To Boost Business Exposure

To succeed, you may need to opt for more creative strategies to improve your brand image and how it is perceived by the public. Here are 10 approaches that members of Forbes Communications Council recommend trying:

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