September 2, 2019
Monica Piccininno
Three Google Search Console updates from August 2019

There were a few changes to Google Search Console in August that anyone doing SEO should know about. 


There were some API updates, a new feature with Bing Webmaster Tools, an announcement about old Google Search Console features, and more!


Ready to get caught up?


1. Google Search Console API updates


With the Google Search Console API, a few app search appearance types are not going to be supported moving forward. These include Is Install, Is App Universal, and Is Opened. 


Search Engine Land reported that Google said, “We’re still committed to the Search Console API. In particular, we’re working on updating the Search Console API to the new Search Console.”


2. Importing to Bing Webmaster Tools


You can now easily import websites that are verified by Google Search Console into Bing Webmaster Tools. 


To learn more about this and a few other interesting updates, check out this video from Search Engine Roundtable


3. Old Google Search Console features


If you’re waiting for a certain feature to be moved over to the new Google Search Console, such as submitting a robots.txt file, and it isn’t there yet there’s a chance it will never be included. 


All of the old features in Google Search Console won’t necessarily make it into the new version. 


Rethinking Google Search console.


In a Q and A video on August 29 John Mueller said, “In general, our plan with the new Search Console is not to just copy features over, but rather to rethink them along the way.”