December 24, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Three SEO mistakes that are easy to avoid in 2020

SEO can be complicated, but there are some mistakes that are easy to avoid!

Make 2020 the year you learn and grow your SEO skills.

Here are three mistakes you should avoid this year.

1. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is an outdated SEO practice of just throwing keywords in whenever possible. 

It doesn't work and it actually detracts from the user experience on the website. 

Business 2 Community said, "Stuffing keywords in the hopes of improving your SEO strategy will only result in a Google penalty."

2. Using the same text on multiple pages

It's easy to copy and paste when you can, but don't!

One great example is location pages. 

Search Engine Journal said, "It may seem like the easy way out to just use the same copy for each location page, but I highly advise against it. You can get much better local ranking performance by focusing on unique copy for each location page."

3. Skipping visuals

Pages and content on your website should absolutely have visuals for SEO. 

In addition, visual content can help visitors remember your website which is a major benefit!

Business 2 Community reported, "Also, you can retain 65% of the information you watched on a video after three days, compared to a mere 10℅ of the same information you heard or read. So not using images is a common mistake to avoid."

Finding ways to improve your SEO strategy can be easy! Just avoid these mistakes and you are already on the right path.