September 23, 2020
Hannah Brenner

Three things to know about iOS 14

If you have been on social media lately you have probably seen the buzz around iOS 14!

There is an important visual element as users are customizing their home screens, but there are more features of note as well! 

Here are three things to know about iOS 14. 

1. Search engine rumors

Some features of iOS 14 are causing suspicions that Apple could be working on a new search engine. 

Search Engine Land said, "As Coywolf’s Jon Henshaw pointed out in a blog post, Apple has recently been listing more job announcements for search engineers (including for Apple Maps). Then there’s the apparent fact that, in iOS 14, Spotlight Search de-emphasizes or entirely bypasses Google results."

What do you think?

2. Facebook ads might suffer

How could an iOS update affect Facebook ads? 

Privacy changes could definitely impact the Facebook Audience Network. This ties back to ad personalization which is an important component of Facebook ads. 

Time will tell how this plays out!

3. Personalized home screens

The internet is overwhelmed with iOS users showing off their new, personalized home screens!

By using the shortcuts app, users can now choose their own icons for apps. Many users are choosing color themes or even creating their own images! One user even found "vintage" app icons from iOS 6!

CNBC said, "While users have been able to add their own custom icons since Shortcuts first launched, the combination with the new widgets feature has enabled a significantly higher degree of customization than was possible in the past."

What's your aesthetic?