January 10, 2020
Hannah Brenner
Two brand building techniques for 2020

2020 is the year to build up your brand!

Don't know where to start? Looking for some fresh ideas?

You're in the right place!

Here are two brand building techniques to try this year. 

1. Rethink your colors

Is it time for a color makeover?

Your logo and the colors you choose can influence the general perception of your brand. 

Business World said, "Just as blue skies and white mountains evoke a feeling of serenity; brand colours have a powerful psychological impact on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. Colour becomes an emotional cue, which is why the urgently bright colours in McDonald’s branding stimulate appetite and action and are instantly appealing to children."

Take a step back and think – are the colors we are using portraying the feelings we want to create?

2. Go back to basics

When is the last time you sat down and assessed your brand building goals? 

Chances are, it's time to do this again. 

TCBN said, "Your brand originates from the story you tell about your business: your mission, the values you hold, your personality, the products and services that you offer and how your customers are transformed as a result of using those products and services. In other words, a brand represents a series of experiences perceived in the heart and mind of the consumer."

Put together a document with clear guidelines and goals. Then, stick to it in 2020!

Remember, branding is one of those things that can fall to the side when things get busy. Don't let it!