February 11, 2020
Monica Piccininno

Two SEO writing strategies to try this month

As writers, we should always be looking to improve. 

Especially in SEO, best practices are always changing and evolving. 

Don't get overwhelmed! The best way to keep up and keep improving is to set attainable goals. 

So, here are two SEO tips for you to try this month!

1. Search Intent

Chances are, you've got keywords down at this point. 

But, are you focusing on the intent of the searches? 

For example, a home window company might be targeting window shopping as a keyword. That sounds great, unless the intent of those searches is to look for a mall to go window shopping. 

Make sense? 

Business 2 Community said, "Identify what the searcher is looking for when they type the query into a search bar, and then cover the topic in a way that directly meets their needs."

This month, do a deep dive into your keywords and make sure you're targeting the ones with the right intent. 

2. Go through old content

Why go through the work of creating all new content when your old content could just get a boost?

A mix of updating old content and writing new posts is efficient and effective. 

This is one of the great things about content for SEO – it keeps working for you!

Identify older posts that have relevant content and update it! You can even repost it to social channels, too. 


Make a note of your goals for the month and accomplish them! You can do it!