September 18, 2020
Ryan Henry

Two things to know about the Google Search Console delays

Have you been having issues with Google Search Console Index Coverage Report?

It's not just you! 

Google has confirmed that they are experiencing problems. These issues are causing a delay in reporting when it comes to indexing, crawling, and ranking. 

Here are two things SEO professionals should know. 

1. Just reporting is affected

This issue is not currently affecting the actual indexing. It also does not affect crawling or ranking. 

The only current problem is with reporting, so you just won't be able to use the tool properly. 

Search Engine Journal said, "That means recently published pages may be omitted from the Index Coverage report even though they are, in fact, indexed. Until the problem is fixed, the best way to check if a page is indexed is to use the “site:” operator in Google Search."

Keep up your SEO work and strategies in the meantime!

2. There's no news on when it will be fixed

Unfortunately, Google could not say when the Index Coverage report would be fixed. 

They did, however, promise they will keep us updated! Keep an eye on Google's Twitter page for the latest progress.

In the past, issues like this have been resolved within anywhere from days to a few weeks. 

For now, take advantage of other Google Search Console tools and keep creating quality content. There are still plenty of options for analyzing performance and increasing traffic!