September 16, 2020
Hannah Brenner

Two tips for choosing the best keywords

One of the best things you can do as a writer is learn how to effectively incorporate keywords for SEO. 

The hardest part for beginners is often trying to figure out which keywords are the best. 

Here are two tips to get you started! 

1. Try using Google

Even if you're not trained in keyword research or analytics, you can easily find some great information using Google!

Try typing a few of your ideas into the Google search bar and see what comes up. Then, incorporate those in your title! These are often the popular searches on the subject. 

Then, if you want, you can take it a step further and find out the search volume and the difficulty of the keyword. The best keywords have a lot of searches but don't have too much competition. 

2. Put yourself in your reader's shoes

It can be challenging to find the right balance between using keywords and writing for your readers. 

Google always states that quality content is the most important factor, so definitely don't sacrifice quality just to add in more keywords. Your readers will be able to tell. 

As The Write Life said, "As long as you create a strong outline and write with the reader in mind — meeting their expectation and serving their needs — then you’re doing exactly what you need."

Practice makes perfect! Try out different strategies and keywords to see what works for you.