December 20, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Two ways security affects SEO on your website

Is your website secure? Does it present itself as secure?

As it turns out, website security is extremely important in SEO for a few reasons.Appearing secure and actually being secure are both vital if you want to rank well. 

Here are two ways the security of your website could be affecting the SEO. 

1. HTTPS Security

Do you have an SSL certificate? Is your website HTTPS? If not, that could be impacting your SEO. 

Search Engine Journal said, "Many top websites use HTTPS now, and, in fact, you risk looking outdated and unaware if you don’t. This is part of the reason Google made HTTPS a ranking factor several years ago."

So, if you haven't yet, it's time to make the switch. 

2. Perceived Security

Even if your website is technically secure, it might not appear that way to visitors. 

AZ Big Media reported that one agency, "Found that 93% of people said that once they find signs of untrustworthy features, they will exit the website as soon as possible."

Those perceived untrustworthy signs could be spelling errors, a lack of social media presence, or a lack of payment security. 


Remember, your website is the face of your company and should only be adding to the strength of your brand. Seemingly small things like spelling errors or an unprofessional layout can make a negative impact. 

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