April 4, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Updating your local SEO

What are the best ways to improve your local SEO?

First of all, take advantage of Google My Business. This is the best way to keep customers updated, make your online presence look professional, and encourage reviews.

Also, optimization in general can help with local SEO! The Frisky said, "Your website should feature a local SEO site structure to effectively rank well for location & niche specific keywords within your area. For instance, if you are servicing different areas, you will want to target each individual area."

Finally, make sure your mobile SEO is up to date and everything is running smoothly. 

Critical Tactics For Local SEO Success

Amplify your Local SEO focus by implementing these key tactics: The first thing that you want to do when you are looking to dominate the local search engine results is to optimize your Google My Business page.Reviews are something that you want to focus on within you

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