June 28, 2019
Hannah Brenner
Using Google Analytics for UX

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, it can even be used for website UX!

As UX Design said, "UX and conversions are highly intertwined concepts. Even the best Digital Marketing campaigns fail to get you leads if the landing page UX is not up to the mark."

Make sure that you track the audience for things like language accessibility and what device your site is being accessed on. Pageviews can help you with website navigation and bounce rate will tell you where to improve. 

7 Google Analytics metrics that help in optimizing Website UX for higher conversions

For example — if maximum users come through Mobile, one can create mobile-specific content, and even optimise the layout further to fit smaller devices (like reduce the number of form fields to make it more user friendly on mobile, provide a floating Call to Actio

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