December 17, 2019
Hannah Brenner

Using keywords effectively in your writing

Keywords are important phrases often searched that relate to your website and can be used strategically in content to increase traffic. 


Effectively using keywords in your writing is really the key to optimizing your blog posts for SEO. Today we want to teach you how to build a post around them and where within the content to place them. 


Once you have done your keyword research, ask yourself this question:


Do I know how to effectively use keywords?


If the answer is no, we are here to help. 


Here are two steps you can take to become better at incorporating keywords. 


Step one: How do you build a post around keywords?


Once you have your keywords, you should figure out what problem you are solving. Consider the audience you are trying to reach and what they can learn from your post. 


It’s not just about stuffing your post with those keywords (in fact, this is very bad for SEO). Instead, answer a question related to your keyword!


Think about it, when you are doing a Google search you are most likely looking for an answer to a question. Your goal with keywords in your writing is to answer those questions!


Moz said, “ Every search is a quest for information, and the goal of search engines like Google is to supply the searcher with a satisfying answer as quickly as possible.”


Step two: Know where to put the keywords in your writing


Now you have your keywords and your content topic, you need to know where the best keyword placements are for maximum effect.


First, definitely make sure your main keyword is in the page titles. 


Optinmonster said, “A page title describes the main subject of your page and shows up as the first line of a search results entry to let both Google and searchers know exactly what the page is about.”


Then include the keyword organically in the first paragraph, subheadings, and throughout your content. 


The Right keywords, the right traffic.


Throughout this process, remember that quality content is key. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your work to throw more keywords in! The most effective keyword use is natural and conversational.