May 20, 2020
Hannah Brenner

Web design: when less is more

Sometimes when it comes to design less really can be more. 

Minimalist designs have a lot of perks!

If you are thinking about a website redesign, here are some reasons minimal might be right for you. 

1. It can make a statement

When there is less on the page, what IS there makes more of an impact. 

By utilizing the minimalist style you can really focus in on what you are trying to communicate – especially with your home page. 

Plus, this can even help with your branding strategy! What is the core of your business and how can you get visitors to understand that quickly? Think about that as you design your website. 

2. People like them

From the user experience side, minimalist websites are typically easier to understand and navigate. 

When you visit a website you are often looking for a product or specific information. Nobody wants to waste time, so helping visitors access what they are seeking faster and easier is to your advantage. People are not likely to return to a busy or confusing website. 

3. There are SEO benefits

Simple, well-run websites often rank well.

Search Engine Journal said, "We all want our websites to load quickly, and minimalist design entails lesser features, which means that there will be lesser features to load."

A minimal website can also be easier to manage from an SEO perspective. 

It's certainly not right for everyone, but definitely consider going the minimal route next time you are designing or redesigning a website.