August 29, 2019
Hannah Brenner

What are your blogging weaknesses?

Every blogger has their strengths and their weaknesses. You might be surprised how many people share the same struggles as you!

One place that a lot of people get stuck is in keyword research and topics. If you're stuck, try taking a new angle on a topic or creating your own keyword! 

Another common issue is taking those blog posts and actually creating traffic. Don't just write content – promote it across your channels or through direct outreach.

Stay with it and try different strategies to increase traffic and reach new audiences. 


How to Overcome the 3 Biggest Blogging Challenges

Challenge 1: Topic Ideation / Keyword Research There are millions upon millions of bloggers, companies, and brands putting out content on a daily basis.Challenge 2: Writing High-Quality 2,000+ Word Posts While content length is generally arbitrary, it’s been proven

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