August 7, 2019
Hannah Brenner
What do “impressions” actually mean on Instagram?

If you're using Instagram for you business, it helps to know what the word "impressions" means. 

Hubspot said, "Impressions measure the number of times your post or ad appears to users."

Seems simple enough!

However, you also have to consider if people are seeing the post multiple times. If the same person saw your post five times the app would still count that as five impressions. 

If your focus is trying to reach new potential customers, look at the reach metric instead. 

Instagram Impressions, Explained in 100 Words or Less

This metric doesn't take into account unique users -- so, if your post or ad is shown 100 times to the same person, it would technically count as 100 impressions.Impressions do not take into account unique users, so if your post or ad is viewed by the same person multip

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