September 25, 2019
Hannah Brenner

What psychology can tell us about why influencer marketing is taking over

Influencer marketing is everywhere. It seems to be growing exponentially! But, why is it so successful?

Psychology says it's because of social proof. Forbes said, "According to research, when we feel pressure to conform to social expectations, our brains signal that we’ve violated a social norm."

That makes sense! Humans have a natural desire to fit in and belong to a community. Plus, when we see someone we like and respect recommend a product, we might want to purchase it to be more like that influencer. 

It all comes down to having a personal connection with a product, and to associating that product with a person we like or admire. 

The Psychology Of Influencer Marketing

Aside from just enjoying the content, followers have a desire to follow influencers for guidance on social expectations and self-assurance.In my experience, influencer marketing remains the most effective medium to not only access audiences that explicitly want to liste

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