May 13, 2019
Hannah Brenner
What you can learn from the James Charles situation

James Charles is losing millions of subscibers to his YouTube channel after some drama this week. This is an opportunity for others who run brands to learn. 

BBC reported, "James Charles has lost more than one million subscribers amid a row with fellow YouTube star Tati Westbrook. He now has 14.2m subscribers – previously the figure was 16m, according to the website Social Blade."

When promoting on social media, transparency is everything these days. This is proof that a lack of transparency (plus some poor decision making) can have dire consequences for a brand. In this case, Charles is his own brand but the same principles can be applied to businesses using social media to promote themselves. 

James Charles loses a million subscribers after YouTube row

Image copyright Instagram/jamescharles Image caption James Charles posted an apology to Tati Westbrook on Instagram

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