June 21, 2019
Hannah Brenner
What you should know about Instagram SEO

Are you using Instagram efficently? 

Socioblend said, "Get ready to be searched by users, therefore add specific keywords in the bio to make the profile optimized for the searches. However, there is a limit of 150 characters for bio, still, you have to manage and come up with the best."

Although Instagram is photo based – the captions are also very important. Write quality content to connect with your audience and properly supplement the photo. 

There's also a wrong way to market on Instagram – don't set your page to private or forget to utilize hashtags.

Happy 'gramming!

Instagram SEO - Dos and Don'ts - The SocioBlend Blog

On Instagram, mostly marketers push their brand by using the right techniques of content curation and photography, which is incomplete without adding relevant hashtags.All the essential elements of SEO like keywords and hashtags will decide the direction and progress of

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