December 10, 2019
Ryan Henry
What you should know about voice search and SEO

Voice search optimization is becoming increasingly more important within SEO. 




With the rise of voice technology like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, people are searching by voice more and more. 


How do searches change when they aren’t written? How should you structure your content? 


Here are two tips to help you adjust to this new phenomenon.


Tip 1: Try it yourself!


If you don’t use voice search, try it for a few days! Test out the differences between how you write Google searches and how you speak them. 


I tried it and found myself using more words in my voice searches. 


Instead of writing something simple like “coffee shop” I found that I would say “Where is the closest coffee shop?”


Try keeping a log of your experiences using voice search for a whole day and see how they change. 


Tip 2: Add well-structured FAQs


Voice searches are most often looking for the answer to a specific question. 


If you have both the question and the answer on your website, you’re in good shape!


Google has a great resource for structuring FAQs, so definitely check it out. 


Why optimizing for voice search is important


As Rank Tracker said, “If Google understands what your content is about because everything is structured correctly, you will have a better chance to nab those sought-after voice searches.”