October 14, 2019
Hannah Brenner

When content lets the reader down

The last thing you want your content to do is disappoint the reader. 

Think about it – they are clicking on the link for a reason. If they don't get what they were looking for, you've wasted their time!

Content Marketing Institute relayed one of these experiences in a recent article. They said, "I realized that the company never thought about me – its reader – when it crafted the content. Its only goal was to attract contact information for lead generation. Now, I don’t trust that brand or its content, and I may never trust them again."

So, remember to think about who you are writing to. Make sure that you're giving your readers valuable information, and that you actually deliver what your headline promises. 


How to Stop Creating Content That Disappoints Your Audience

Here’s the challenge to all marketers – accurately assess what information your audience needs in relation to your industry or your brand and create content that helps them help themselves.But most importantly, use stories to give your audience the inspiration they

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