November 14, 2018
What’s new in Ecommerce search engine optimization?

What's new in Ecommerce SEO? One big change is in voice search. This means that focusing on natural language will help you when people are searching using Alexa or Siri. Mobile shopping is also skyrocketing, so make sure your checkout process on mobile devices is seamless! Don't slack on user experience either. Testomato said, "A lower bounce rate will help your rankings, so keeping people on your site by providing them with a good experience is essential. Customer retention is the name of the game." SEO is essential for Ecommerce, so stay on top of these trends to stay on top of your game!

Why Ecommerce SEO Is Changing — And How to Stay Ahead - Testomato Blog

Another good way to make sure you are optimizing your content for voice search is to put a focus on questions.It also means making it easy to find specific products with a search function on your site, providing your users with security (your site should be HTTPS now),

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